Daphne Conrad

Played by Maisy Stella
Character Biography

The youngest daughter of Rayna James and Teddy Conrad, Daphne has already faced a few life-changing shocks in her life, including dealing with her parents’ divorce, and discovering that her older sister Maddie is, in fact, only her half-sister. Nevertheless, Daphne remains a well-adjusted little girl, who enjoys singing and performing with Maddie, and occasionally tagging along with her older sister when she goes out.

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Actor Biography

Nine-year-old rising star Maisy Stella, along with her real-life sister, 14-year-old Lennon, play the daughters of Rayna Jaymes on “Nashville.”

Maisy and Lennon were cast on “Nashville” even before they catapulted to fame with their YouTube cover version of Robyn / Erato’s “Call Your Girlfriend.” They posted the video on May 30, 2012. Their transcendent harmonies immediately went viral, and today the video has over 20 million views. They have appeared numerous times on “Good Morning America,” performed on “The View,” and have successful singles on the two “Nashville” soundtracks which together have sold 2 million tracks to date. In December 2012, their Christmas song, “Christmas Coming Home,” debuted.

Maisy’s favorite subjects at school are math and social studies. Like Lennon, she loves being outside, recording songs, making home movies with friends, and anything creative and musical. Maisy is an accomplished singer and also plays the ukulele, guitar and piano. Her favorite song to perform is “Ho Hey” and her favorite artists are Neon Trees and Katy Perry.

Some of the most exciting moments in Maisy and Lennon’s burgeoning careers have been performing at the Grand Ole Opry, as well as playing LP Field in Nashville before nearly 70,00 fans at CMA Music Fest. They’ve also gotten to meet many artists they admire, including Harry Styles, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Zac Brown, and have realized that some of the biggest stars in the world are the sweetest people they ever met. They are most grateful that their first acting job has enabled them to learn from their amazing co-stars, whom they count as friends.

Maisy lives in Nashville and has a bird named Ricky and a one-eyed cat named Cindy.

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