S1 E02 I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)

10/17/12 | TV-PG | CC

In Nashville’s Music Circle, Juliette films her music video for “Telescope,” creating a traffic jam that holds up Rayna & her daughters. As Rayna drives past, she realizes that Watty is right – Juliette is not a flash in the pan who’s going to be disappearing any time soon.

Later, as it’s clear the label will not be putting support behind Rayna’s new record and faltering tour, Watty suggests Rayna do a more intimate tour with just her and Deacon performing. Rayna is skeptical of that arrangement, as it’d mean singing love songs when they aren’t in love anymore. Teddy isn’t too happy with the idea of the smaller tour either. He asks Rayna to attend a campaign cocktail event and participate in a vulnerability study for the campaign.

At the Bluebird Café, Watty compliments Scarlett and Gunnar telling them they are naturals and he mistakes them for a romantic couple, which they laugh off. Watty then offers to produce a demo for them, which takes her by surprise, since she doesn’t consider herself a songwriter.

Scarlett walks in to her apartment excited to tell Avery the news. But because Avery just heard bad news, she supports him and holds back the Watty deal that she knows would make him feel worse.

Juliette approaches Deacon about finishing “Undermine, “ the song they started writing. They cross with Rayna, and it’s obvious the two women are far from being fans of each other. Later, Deacon assures Rayna he’s not touring with Juliette and will be at her side, which is when Juliette pulls up in her classic pickup truck and sweeps him away for a “writing session.”

At that session on her farm, Juliette impresses Deacon with her talent on an expensive guitar and kisses him. Deacon seems quite surprised she’s so talented at songwriting, and Juliette is bothered by this. She suggests he focuses on someone other than Rayna and makes sure he is focusing on her, taking off her shirt and taking a dip in the lake. He follows in after her…

Back at the Bluebird, Gunnar asks Scarlett if she’s decided on the Watty offer. She seems unsure, and asks her to hang out at some point. She asks him to come out to see Avery’s band and he agrees, disappointed that it won’t be just one-on-one time with her.

Rayna visits Coleman, wanting to apologize for everything. Then she heads to Belle Meade for Teddy’s campaign event. Some housewives compliment Juliette’s catchy music but are unaware that Rayna’s new record is even out. Lamar chastises her for visiting the home of her husband’s opponent.

Back at home, Teddy goes through the vulnerability study and is being grilled about any secrets he may be keeping. They seem to strike a nerve when landing on his failed real estate investments.

At the bar, Avery’s band is blowing away the crowd with “Twist of Barbed Wire.” A fan mentions she was at the Bluebird the other night and saw Scarlett & Gunnar’s duet. Avery is bothered that he didn’t know, so when Scarlett brings up the Watty deal things get more tense.

In Lamar’s study, he meets with Coleman, who is disappointed by Lamar’s lack of loyalty and lets him know that he’s ready to play the game by Lamar’s rules.

At their rehearsal space, Deacon is shocked to get the guitar as a gift from Juliette – in front of Rayna, who’s disgusted by Juliette’s overtures, which she suspects must mean that there’s more happening between those two than songwriting. On her end, Juliette is upset that she hasn’t yet heard a “thank you” from Deacon. She also hates the rough cut of her video, seeing the adolescence of her music, and knowing it won’t help her get Deacon on tour.

Rayna sits through the vulnerability study, but when the questions hit on Deacon she gets uncomfortable. Deacon’s substance abuse problem comes to light, as does the fact that Rayna ended their romantic relationship when she checked him into rehab, 12 years ago.

In the studio, Juliette records the vocals for “Undermine.” She later drops by Deacon’s place to give him the demo and ask him about the guitar she sent him. He says he can’t keep it, but she insists, wanting him to play it on the track.

Scarlett finds Gunnar at his second job, in cowboy getup and singing “I’ll Be There (If You Want Me)” to a disinterested crowd. By the pool, Scarlett and Gunnar talk as she breaks the news to him that she doesn’t think she can go through with the Watty deal. But he wants her to forget Avery and concern herself with what she wants.

Lamar meets with his campaign team, who informs him that Teddy is definitely hiding something. He revels, since a mayor with secrets is easier to control. We find Teddy at the fireplace, burning away those secrets…

At the Bluebird, Deacon plays “Matchbox Blues.” Juliette is in the audience. Deacon announces that he’d like a talented friend come up for a duet; and while Juliette perks up, but he actually means Rayna, who had just walked in, unannounced and unseen by anyone except Deacon, who she’s here to support.

They perform “No One Will Ever Love You“ and the history between them is exposed, bare on the stage. Watty points out to Scarlett and Gunnar that that could be them one day. Which brings Scarlett to decide that she’s in – she’ll do the demo. As the crowd goes wild, Juliette storms out, affected by the chemistry between Rayna and Deacon.

After the show, Rayna and Deacon sit in silence in his truck, without an answer of what to do now, and with their raw feelings now rekindled. Rayna goes straight home to Teddy and hugs him and tells him she loves him, reassuring herself just as much.

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