S1 E04 We Live in Two Different Worlds

10/31/12 | TV-PG | CC

Juliette gets an unpleasant knock on the door when two cops inform her that she’s being charged with a misdemeanor for stealing the nail polish. Glenn tells her that Makena, her publicist, is on her way to help handle the situation, but Juliette doesn’t understand the big deal: she believes any publicity is good publicity, and hey, at least she looks good in the video of the robbery that’s going viral.

At home, Tandy convinces Rayna to do a set at the country club for Teddy’s campaign fundraiser. While Teddy is happy that Rayna’s helping his fundraiser, Rayna less than thrilled to play at the country club and associate with the conservative part of the city she always felt different from.

Meanwhile, Scarlett anxiously waits to hear back from Watty White, the kingmaker of Nashville music. Gunnar shows up at her apartment, in the middle of Avery trying to make Scarlett feel better.  Gunnar excitedly shares the news with her that they got the publishing deal but she rushes past him to hug Avery.

Juliette is fed up when her mom points out the bags of unused nail polish lying around the house. Juliette tries to leave her gated community, but is ambushed by paparazzi. Later, Makena tells Juliette she needs to issue a statement and save face by giving an interview on Good Morning America.

Deacon is talking to his sponsor Coleman when he gets a call from Bucky, asking if he’d be willing to join Rayna at the fundraiser. Deacon supports Coleman, but he agrees to do the gig for Rayna. Later, when Rayna tells Bucky that they have to find a guitarist, Bucky reveals that he already spoke to Deacon and that he’s willing to do join her.

At the publishing house, Jeanne gives Scarlett and Gunnar a tour of where they will be writing together. Gunnar flirts with Hayley, Jeanne’s assistant, in the kitchen after mistakenly grabbing her yogurt.

Glenn breaks the news to Juliette that she’s lost her spot presenting at the Country Music Awards. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Juliette agrees to do the GMA interview.

At dinner with Jeanne and Hayley, Scarlett and Gunnar talk about how they got started writing. Scarlett makes it a point to mention Avery’s talent and his band but he’s uncomfortable with the attention. Avery decides to walk home after telling Scarlett he doesn’t need or want her help. He wants his music to speak for itself.

At the country club, Rayna runs into Peggy, an old co-worker of Teddy’s. Rayna thinks Peggy has eyes for Teddy but he reassures her that isn’t the case.

Jolene makes Juliette her favorite meal, but Juliette can’t stand her mother’s new maternal overtures and Juliette suspiciously searches through mom’s backpack. Finding nothing of hers, Juliette gets emotional when she does find a picture of her as a newborn in her mother’s arms.

Scarlett has lunch with Deacon and talks through her issues with Avery. Deacon later goes to her apartment, and has a chance to talk to Avery about Scarlett. He also tells Avery that his music isn’t commercial, but that doesn’t mean he can’t succeed. Later, Gunnar and Hayley are in bed together, where they agree to keep things casual. Scarlett shows up at Gunnar’s and sees them leaving together. When Avery gets to the apartment, Scarlett is there to let him know that she loves him and wants to support him but also wants him to support her. Avery says he’s trying.

Makena preps Juliette for the GMA interview by telling her she needs to take responsibility for the thievery. In the interview, Juliette maintains that she did nothing wrong and says that it was all a mistake. When her mother is brought up, she walks out of the interview. Juliette’s team tries to manage the fallout but things get worse as sponsors pull out of her tour. Glenn tells Juliette he can’t work with her any longer, but she begs him to stay, promising that she’ll listen to him and that she wants her tour back. She admits that she stole the nail polish because it made her feel she could take care of herself.

Across town, Deacon shows up late at the country club and Lamar gives him grief, which leads to Teddy and Deacon arguing. Rayna and Deacon go out and perform “Changing Ground” while Teddy and Peggy eye each other across the room. After the song, Deacon and Rayna are still unsure of what to do with their relationship, artistic or otherwise. At home, Teddy tells Rayna he won’t deal with Deacon any longer and Rayna agrees— she says she’s letting Deacon go.

Teddy nods, thankful for the change, however he doesn’t appear to be completely free of infidelity either, as we see him secretly meet with Peggy, concerned that “their mistake” will get out and have lasting consequences for his campaign and family.

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