S1 E05 Move It on Over

11/07/12 | TV-PG | CC

Juliette Barnes is “Yelling from the Rooftops” with the recording her latest track. She wants it to be perfect, so she has her bleary-eyed crew working into the wee hours of the morning. All-night recording sessions are a great way to avoid spending time with your drug addict mama. When Juliette finally returns home, she finds Jolene passed out next to a scruffy-looking fellow addict. The guy is literally kicked to the curb once he regains consciousness. As for Jolene, she reads her daughter the riot act on the front porch. Juliette is humiliated to see that several neighbors have witnessed the entire disturbing scene.

Rayna James wants her next album to be new, original and great. She’ll have to do it with a new guitarist now that her longtime collaborator is out of the picture. Speaking of Deacon, he’s not happy with the fact that the verses for the tune “American Beauty” are being tweaked for a TV commercial Rayna is reluctantly doing. A late night meeting between these two to discuss the matter does not end well. This has Rayna wondering if maybe she should start writing songs solo. It’s a way for her to move forward.

Teddy’s confidence heading into his first mayoral debate is shaken the moment his worthy opponent, Coleman Carlisle, brings up his father. He’s also rattled by the fact that there’s going to be an audit involving a past project. Teddy floated about two million dollars in funds so the project wouldn’t fold. He did so with the help of his partner/friend, Peggy. They returned the money, but it’s still embezzlement. Only one person can get him out of this mess. Lamar assures son-in-law that he is NOT going to turn out like his father.

Hailey is looking to keep things casual with Gunnar, who learns that he and Scarlett have a chance to showcase their tunes for Lady Antebellum’s producer. They need a second guitarist to round out their sound. Scarlett is pleasantly surprised when Avery offers to lend a hand. The Lady A producer is impressed with Gunnar and Scarlett’s performance of “Loving You is the Only Way to Fly” until Avery’s background guitar-playing makes its way to the foreground. Jealousy rears its ugly head at the worst possible time. This leads to post-session blowup between the two main men in Scarlett’s life.

Juliette takes up Deacon on an offer he makes to talk to her mother. He lets Jolene know that even though her daughter appears to have it all, she’s hurting. She needs her mama to be clean. Jolene agrees to enter a sober house, but not before having another outburst where she slaps Juliette hard. Deacon leads her into the familiar treatment facility after confiscating the bottle of pills that fell out of her purse. He later lets Juliette know that she should put all the issues that are bringing her down regarding her mama in her rearview mirror.

Daphne mentions how much things have changed lately. Her dad isn’t around much when it used to be her mom who was always away. This gives Rayna the bright idea to do a song about their situation. She calls it “Topsy Turvy.” Teddy comes home while she’s hammering out the lyrics. He asks his wife if she slept with Deacon. Rayna would never do that, but Teddy knows she may have wanted to. If only these two could put the past behind them.

Gunnar boasts that he is in an exclusive relationship with Hailey after Scarlett reminds him that she’s in an exclusive relationship with Avery. Now all he has to do is make his “casual” girlfriend become his “actual” girlfriend. Judging by the passionate make-out session Gunnar and Hailey share, we’re pretty sure that “casual” thing is history. As for Scarlett, she lets Avery know that she longs for the day when she can stop trying to prove her loyalty to him.

Deacon turns the bottle of pills he took from Jolene over to Coleman. He didn’t take any, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to. At the Bluebird, Deacon impresses most of the crowd with his performance of a tune called “Sideshow.” We say “most” because one blowhard in the back says he’d much rather hear Rayna. This leads to street fight after the show. Later, Rayna refuses the collect call Deacon makes to her when she hears it’s from the West Nashville Detention Facility. Thankfully, a second call is answered by Juliette. She says, “That’s what friends do. They bail each other out.” Nice.

Rayna works with a new bass player on a catchy tune called “Bitter Memories.” It’s pretty darn upbeat despite the title. It’s all about a desire to let go of the past. That’s exactly what Deacon decides to do when he opts to let Rayna use his song for that commercial. Juliette is also looking to leave her past in the rearview mirror as she moves out of her beautiful home.

Lamar lets Peggy know that he’ll make the audit go away as long as she does what he says. He later lets his son-in-law know that they need to go negative in their campaign against Coleman. Teddy’s desire to win overpowers any concerns about the uproar this will cause with his wife. Later, Teddy meets with Peggy to celebrate the fact that Lamar got them off the hook. They have no idea that someone is snapping photos of what could very easily appear to be a romantic rendezvous. Uh oh.

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