S1 E06 You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)

11/14/12 | TV-PG | CC

Juliette attends a zoo benefit with squeaky-clean pro football player Sean Butler to boost her image. The plan works well. Pictures of the singing star and the rookie quarterback are trending big time. Of course, Juliette’s not happy about the fact that there’s a furry rodent crawling atop her head in the photo op. She’s also not thrilled about being roped into a date with this choir boy. Surprise, surprise! Juliette actually ends up having a decent time with Sean, who gets a little unsettled when she brings up the six turnovers he had in a recent game. She quickly realizes this guy can also dish it out when he brings up her shoplifting faux pas.

Sean breaks his self-imposed rule of not going out on the town by going up in the sky. He joins Juliette on her private jet for a quick trip to South Beach. Turns out the quarterback can also play the guitar as he proves by strumming and singing with Juliette on one of her songs. After a night of partying in a Miami club (Sean ordered club soda), an aggressive paparazzi guy insults Juliette as they’re heading to the car. The confrontation turns physical when Sean knocks the sleazy shutterbug to the ground. Just like that, his choir boy image is about to become a thing of the past.

Juliette sets up a secret meeting to buy the incriminating photos away from slimy paparazzi guy even though she wasn’t in the pictures at all. Sean shows up at her place to say thanks for what she did. He thinks he’ll be a lot better off staying home on Friday nights from now on. Sean asks Juliette if she’d like to stay in with him. He’s asking her out on a real date. Technically, he’s asking her “in.” Sounds like a plan!

Rayna is looking to change her sound. That’s why she’s trying to land rock star Liam McGuinnis to produce her new album. Too bad the guy’s not interested in working with an artist who is all about moms and SUVs. That doesn’t stop Rayna from convincing the guy to give her music a listen. Liam persuades her join him in more than a few shots of whiskey as they chat about her new venture. Rayna is feeling the aftershocks of all that alcohol the next morning. What happened with Liam is all a little hazy. She later lets her record label that Liam’s her new guy. They can get onboard or they can get out of her way.

Teddy and Coleman are set to appear at a Clean Campaign pledge signing where they’ll both vow to not stoop to dirty politics during their run for mayor. Lamar thinks it would be a good idea to make Coleman be late for this event. No one said anything about dirty tricks before the pledge is signed, right? Teddy agrees to his father-in-law’s plan to have his opponent pulled over for a traffic stop. Unfortunately for Coleman, it turns into much more than a moving violation when the cops find the pills Deacon gave him inside his car. A simple traffic stop has just turned into what could be a very damaging arrest.

Coleman gives a speech declaring that he has been sober for 19 years. Rayna knows this to be true. She suspects her father may be behind this stunt. As for Coleman, he declines Deacon’s offer to step up to admit he’s the one who gave him the pills. He is later presented with photos of Teddy getting chummy with Peggy, who has also volunteered to work on his campaign. The pictures sure make it look like these two are having an affair. Now Coleman must decide what he’s going to do with this new information.

Avery’s band has a chance to impress a regional promoter who helps book opening acts for big tours. The group knocks it out of the park during a local show. The promoter is truly impressed, as is Marilyn Rhodes. Who is Marilyn Rhodes, you ask? Well, she’s a manager who assures Avery that she can get him in good with the promoter. Deacon knows how this lady operates. That’s why he offers to put in a good word with the promoter. Anything to keep Avery away from Marilyn. He knows how this lady operates. Deacon warns Marilyn to stay away from his niece’s boyfriend.

Avery is ticked when he learns that his band didn’t get the gig. Marilyn again offers to take him on as a client. She invites him over to her place for a late night meeting. Avery knows she wants to do more than just chat about his music. This is exactly what Deacon suspected would happen. He has no choice but to tell Scarlett about Marilyn’s M.O. The manager lady puts the moves on Avery, but he ultimately decides he can’t sleep with her. Still, Scarlett can’t believe he was even considering such a thing. That’s why she packs her bags and moves in with Deacon. This sends Avery back into Marilyn’s waiting arms.

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