S1 E08 Where He Leads Me

04/24/13 | PG | CC

After her “Wrong Song” duet with Juliette, Rayna enters her dressing room to Marshall’s enthusiasm over the song and his promise of a new album. Teddy comes in finally ready to talk. He tells his wife that Coleman plans to leak suggestive photos of Peggy and him in the hope of ruining his campaign. Teddy assures Rayna that an affair never happened. 

Juliette ignores a call from her mom, who’s at rehab, when Sean drops by. He wants her to meet his family. The next day at church, Sean's sister, Dana, who is a huge fan of Juliette’s, asks her to sing in the choir. She performs "For Your Glory" with Dana and the church. Juliette then attends dinner with Sean's family. Although it starts well, Sean’s mother turns hostile by declaring that Juliette has no chance of joining their family.

Deacon gets together with old musician friends, the Revel Kings, who try to entice him into joining their tour. He’s happy to hear that they are a sober band now, but he doesn’t immediately take the offer— he’s still tied to Nashville for some reason they can’t understand.

At the publishing house, Hailey can see that Gunnar is falling for Scarlett. She offers to hook up her competition with a band that’s looking for a lead singer. Later, Scarlett is distracted as she writes “When The Right One Comes Along” with Gunnar. She tells him about Hailey’s suggestion. Gunnar confronts Hailey. He’s not happy that she’s trying to separate the two of them. Hailey walks away from him and the relationship, suspecting that there is more going on between Scarlett and Gunnar than just writing.

Gunnar confronts Scarlett about her lead singer opportunity, making sure to let her know just how talented and special she is. This leads to an intense first kiss. Gunnar and Hailey are over, but Scarlett is still taken aback by the kiss. Gunnar gets up on stage to perform "When The Right One Comes Along," telling everyone that he hopes he and Scarlett are still writing it together. 

Avery and his band play for an impressed Dominic, who invites him to go to Atlanta. Avery wants to share the good news and a special bottle of champagne with Scarlett, who’s clearly hurting, but she wishes him luck. Later, on his plane to Atlanta, Dominic breaks the news that he sees Avery’s talent, but thinks his future is without his longtime band.

Rayna meets with Coleman, who apologizes but sticks to his plan to tell the truth. He’s only playing the game that Teddy and Lamar started. He shows Rayna the photos and she can't quite shake what they imply. Rayna goes to Tandy to talk it through, but isn’t sure she can really trust her sister— or her husband.


Peggy shows up at Teddy's campaign office quite upset about her husband, who suspects she and Teddy are having an affair. Teddy tells her she’ll have to deal with this problem on her own, as his campaign is heating up. He leaves her alone in the campaign parking lot.

After Coleman releases the photos, Rayna goes to talk to Peggy. It’s too late. She arrives right as Peggy is put onto an ambulance after overdosing on sleeping pills. Rayna confronts Teddy, realizing that people don't just attempt to kill themselves if nothing is going on. He comes clean about the failed Cumberland deal and Peggy’s involvement with getting the finances back on track. Despite Teddy doing this for his family, Rayna feels he was selfish and put them in jeopardy. She can’t just stand by a man who won’t stand by her.

Deacon visits Juliette. She suggests they continue to write together. He delivers a letter her mother wrote from rehab. Juliette is hurt by his interference and brings up the memories that prove Jolene was far from a perfect mother.

Scarlett talks through the kiss with Gunnar, saying she needs time before they write together because of her confusion over what it means. But they won't have time to figure it all out when Jeanne toasts to their successful partnership. She breaks the news that their song “Fade Into You” is their first big break.

Rayna meets with Deacon, finding comfort in her oldest friend. She pushes him to hit road with the Revel Kings. Rayna then shows up at Teddy's press conference to show her support for her husband and to reiterate there was no affair. However, she clarifies to Teddy that this was all just for their daughters.

Rayna later meets with Marshall, who due to the success of their duet single, presents the mutually beneficial opportunity of a co-headline arena tour with Juliette. After the recent series of events, Rayna is surprisingly open to the possibility, which she dismissed not long ago.

Juliette’s life is about to possibly change, too. She leads Sean out to her pool, which is lit entirely by candlelight. Here, she makes her own choice regarding her family, asking him to be her husband.

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