S1 E09 Be Careful of Stones That You Throw

01/09/13 | PG | CC

Juliette Barnes is late for a recording session. That’s because she’s busy having sex with Sean in the back of a limo. They are consummating their marriage. Yes, the music star and the quarterback just eloped! Juliette shows off her new ring to Rayna, who wants to know if the newlywed is all in for their combo tour which is coming up fast. These two still don’t really like each other, but they sure do need each other.

Sean’s parents aren’t thrilled to learn that their baby boy has married Juliette. They insist on having a church wedding. The only available day is the one before Juliette is scheduled to head out on tour with Rayna. The news that his wife is hitting the road right away catches Sean off guard. With his football schedule and Juliette’s arena tour, they’ll hardly have any time together. As for the wedding, Sean’s opinionated mom lets Juliette know that an old saying is true—you don’t just marry the man, you marry the family.

Speaking of family, Juliette is forced to let her mom know that she’s having a big church wedding to marry the guy she already married. Jolene isn’t thrilled to hear that her daughter may be trying to quiet her demons by moving so fast with this relationship. She may be right about that one, as Juliette seems most uncomfortable when Sean pulls her close to snuggle on the couch.

Rayna lets Liam know that she wants to do their album, but she wants to get out of Nashville even more. She also wants to take the girls with her on the tour. This doesn’t sit well with Teddy. Lamar doesn’t like it either. He says that if this comes down to a custody battle, Maddie may learn the truth about her real father. Obviously, that’s not Teddy, who vows to come after Lamar if he ever threatens the bond he has with his daughter again. Later, Rayna and Teddy both admit that they still love each other. They just don’t know if they’re happy. The tour is the perfect cover for their problems, both publically and privately.

Dominic Wells lets Avery know that he needs to ditch his bar band back home pronto. This obviously doesn’t go over well with JT and the boys. In other news, Scarlett is having lots of problems both personally and professionally with Gunnar. As she takes a little break from their songwriting partnership, Avery stops by to pick up his things. A goodbye hug leads to passionate kiss. A short time later, while basking in the afterglow, Avery reveals that he dumped his band. This jolts Scarlett back to reality. She quickly remembers that Avery is always all about Avery.

Scarlett and JT bond over their mutual distaste for Avery. They team up to do a show featuring all of his old songs. Scarlett knocks it out of the park as she sings “A Twist of Barbed Wire.” The audience loves her.  JT wants her to sing with the band permanently. He sends a video to Avery so he can see his ex driving the crowd crazy while playing with his old band. As for Scarlett, singing someone else’s songs makes her realize how much she likes doing her own thing with Gunnar. They make amends to collaborate on a brand new tune.

Deacon is getting used to the rock world as he settles in to his new life with the Revel Kings. The crowds are going wild and reporters are clamoring for interviews. Actually, it’s just one reporter. Her name is Carmen and she’s more interested in pressing her lips up to Deacon’s mouth instead of her mini-recorder. These two obviously have a past. Carmen is just glad Deacon survived his wilder days especially after what happened to someone they both knew named Vince. She also lets Deacon know that Rayna is going on tour with Juliette.

Deacon is a hit with the crowds and his band. The latter group wants to know if he’s with them for the long haul. He says that he is, but doesn’t seem to have his heart in it. Carmen can see something is bugging him as they lay in bed together. She mentions a car accident that took their friend Vince back when Deacon was drinking. Carmen is worried about him. Deacon appreciates this. He kisses her passionately to show her how much.

Juliette is a vision in white when her wedding day arrives. Sean wants her to wear his grandmother’s necklace as she walks down the aisle. He waits patiently at the church as Juliette makes her way down the road in the back of the limo. When the car stops, Juliette removes the necklace and leaves it on the backseat. She steps outside, but is nowhere near the church. Instead, she’s at the airport and walking toward a private plane. Looks like Juliette won’t be having a big church wedding after all.

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