S1 E10 I'm Sorry for You My Friend

01/16/13 | PG | CC

The “Red Lips, White Lies” tour with co-headliners Rayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes is kicking off in San Diego. That’s a long way from Nashville where Election Day is fast approaching for Teddy. San Diego is also a long way from Little Rock, Arkansas, where Deacon is finishing up a show with the Revel Kings. The band is headed to Austin, as are Scarlett and Gunnar. She’s going to see Deacon. He’s going to visit family.

Juliette is upset because Sean won’t sign divorce papers. The longer it takes, the more time the press will have to discover they were already married. Right now everyone thinks country star left the quarterback at the altar. Juliette sends Sean a message via the press about what a mistake their marriage would have been. As short time later, she’s served with papers to appear in family court. Sean doesn’t want a divorce. He wants an annulment.

After Juliette performs “Boys and Buses” during a sound check, she informs her band that they won’t be doing fan favorite “Love Like Mine” at any future shows. There’s obviously some emotional baggage attached to this tune. Juliette later confronts Sean in person about their situation. He wants her to admit that she was fraudulent regarding their marriage. That’s not something Juliette is ready to do.

After Gunnar drops off Scarlett at Deacon’s hotel, he heads to the outskirts of Austin. That’s where his older brother, Jason, is being released from prison. The guy was serving eight years for armed robbery. Jason grabs Gunnar’s guitar after they check into a motel. The two of them reminisce by singing the somewhat fitting “I’m a Lonesome Fugitive.” It doesn’t take long for Jason to fall back into his criminal ways. He gives Gunnar a hug goodbye saying he’s thankful his little brother didn’t turn out like him.

The Revel Kings’ lead guy, Cy, is a little threatened by Deacon. That’s why he sets his sights on Scarlett when she shows up backstage. Cy tries to have his way with her in a back room, but Scarlett knees him in the groin. Deacon pushes his way past the security guard to put even more of a beating on Cy. It’s an ugly scene that ends with Deacon quitting the band. As for Scarlett, she lets Gunnar know that he can tell her all about his family if he ever wants to talk.

Rayna tries to give some constructive criticism to her second new guitar player. Her message is not well-received. The guy quits the band claiming she’s impossible to please. Rayna convinces Liam to pinch hit for a few shows. She sweetens the deal by buying him some cowboy boots for his big opening night. Liam makes his presence felt immediately when he boots Juliette off the stage so Rayna can do her sound check. He’s not going to wear the cowboy boots though because he’s not Deacon. He also lets Rayna know that he knows she’s a little scared about doing things differently after all these years.

Avery is still sleeping with Marilyn, who informs him that she rejected Dominic’s contract offer. She claims it’s a lousy deal. That doesn’t stop Avery from approaching Dominic himself. He signs the contract and gets a sweet new car as a bonus. This is all much to Marilyn’s dismay. Avery advises her to get on board or get lost.

After giving a nice shout-out to Liam, Rayna performs “Buried Under” for the San Diego crowd. The arena erupts with cheers. Back in her dressing room, Juliette stares emotionally at the ring Sean gave her. She takes the stage. Surprisingly, she performs “Love Like Mine.” The crowd goes wild again. Later, Juliette gets onboard with the annulment. Sean is surprised, but still angry. He says, “You know, you once told me that I wouldn’t like you very much if I got to know you. You were right.” Juliette is visibly stung by this.

Teddy rejects a suggestion from Lamar that he win the election with bought votes. He’s shocked to see Rayna walk in as they wait to hear his mayoral fate. She wanted to be there to support him. The final results are in. Nashville has a new mayor. His name is Teddy Conrad. Coleman makes a nice concession speech where he displays his true love for his wife. It’s a touching moment that clearly makes Rayna and Teddy a little uncomfortable as they sit side by side. Later, Teddy is paid a late night visit by Peggy. It also seems like she wants to kiss the new mayor. Believe it or not, Teddy looks as though he’s thinking about this, too.

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