S1 E15 When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

03/27/13 | PG | CC

Maddie is hurting big time as her parents move forward with their divorce. Rayna is also having trouble with the situation. As difficult as it is, she finally takes off her wedding ring. In other news, Juliette is upset to learn that there’s no social media plan for her next release. She wants to modernize her PR. So she sends an invitation for a few hundred fans to come hear her sing at what was supposed to be an intimate event.

Teddy introduces Coleman as his deputy mayor. This has Lamar fuming. He’s further miffed to learn that the new city stadium will not be built on his land. His chat with Nashville’s new mayor is interrupted when Teddy gets a call from his daughter. Maddie deceives her dad so that she can sneak off to see Juliette Barnes sing at the event she tweeted about earlier. The crowd is way too big for such a small venue. Things get out of hand fast. Fixtures topple over injuring several fans. Deacon jumps off the stage to see that Maddie is amongst those hurt.

A still-grieving Gunnar lets Scarlett know that the fact that they slept together doesn’t have to mean anything. He’s upset because the police don’t seem to be working too hard to solve his brother’s murder. He blows off the audition Rayna set up with Marshall. Scarlett has no choice but to perform alone. She’s fantastic. Marshall is thoroughly impressed. Rayna is also quite pleased with her find, but has no time to bask in the moment once she gets word that Maddie is in the hospital. Thankfully, she’ll be okay.

Juliette is furious at her assistant for what went down at her mini-concert. She’s also having issues with her mom and her counselor, Dante. She denies any knowledge of a time she ignored Jolene during a past event. The hits just keep on coming when Rayna calls to chastise Juliette for her role in what happened to her daughter. She wants her to take responsibility for her actions instead of trying to blame everyone else. Later, Juliette apologizes to Jolene for ignoring her before. She then heads down to the hospital to pay for the medical bills of all those who got hurt at her show.

Deacon feels he’s been saddled with a defective dog. A pretty vet named Stacey lets him know that cute pooch is just fine. She can’t believe Deacon hasn’t named his new puppy yet. She’s also not a fan of country music. In fact, she hates it. It appears as though Stacey likes Deacon though. That’s why she sleeps with him almost immediately. Stacey feels like this was just a one-time thing when Deacon claims he has to skedaddle for a previous commitment. She advises him to name his dog before walking out the door. Later, Coleman advises Deacon to stop trying to keep himself available for Rayna. He should take the pretty vet on a real date.

Scarlett comes home to see that Gunnar has been drinking up a storm. She worries that he’s looking for vengeance for his brother. Scarlett and Deacon head down to the seedy bar that’s been linked to the murder. They arrive just before Gunnar is about to head inside. Deacon knows the kind of pain he’s in. He advises him to not go to the same dark place he did after he made his friend, Vince, drive drunk. Gunnar realizes that what he’s saying makes sense. He later lets Scarlett know that sleeping with her wasn’t a mistake as he carries her into the bedroom. While Gunnar sleeps, Scarlett gets word that she’s being offered a deal as a solo artist.

Avery isn’t too keen on the sound Dominic has in mind for his music. He voices his displeasure to Marilyn. Dominic overhears their little chat. He says the new sound stays. End of discussion. Avery decides to take matters into his own hands by swiping the mixes of his new tunes. He burns all the master recordings. He returns the money Dominic advanced him along with his car. All Avery needs now is a bus ticket back to Nashville where he does a song his way at the Bluebird.

Rayna lets Teddy know that she knows her girls are in good hands with him. She then has a heart-to-heart with Maddie where the two of them look to be getting back to their normal mother-daughter ways. Later, Rayna makes an appearance on Katie Couric’s talk show where they chat about the tour and her personal family issues. Back in Nashville, Deacon asks Stacey out on a real date. He says he named his male dog Sue. A dog named Sue. Stacey doesn’t get it. She really, really doesn’t like country music.

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