S1 E17 My Heart Would Know

04/10/13 | TV-PG | CC

Ranya takes the girls back to Nashville once she gets word that Lamar has suffered a heart attack. She visits with her dad while Tandy talks business with Albert. Lamar is as ornery as ever as he tries to do business from his hospital bed. He almost blows a gasket when he catches sight of Watty in the hospital hallway. Rayna is confused by the outburst. She later learns that Watty was the other man in her mother’s life. The night her mom crashed her car, her bags were packed to leave Lamar.

Now that Juliette and Dante have become intimate, they agree it’s best to keep their coupling a secret—especially from Jolene. However, they have no problem flaunting their business relationship. They decide to expand Juliette’s show by 10 additional songs to make up for the MIA Rayna. Dante is integral in this decision. He’s not going anywhere even though Jolene desperately wants him to take her back to Nashville. In other news, Avery begins life as a roadie. He accidently catches a glimpse of Juliette and Dante in a compromising position. So much for secrets! As short time later, Dante lets Avery know that he’s fired.

Deacon gives Stacey a key to his place. He wants her to make herself at home while he’s on the road. He also leaves Rayna a message to say she’s in his thoughts. Deacon lets Juliette know that her plan to expand her show is not fair to her band and crew. He quickly realizes how much influence Dante is having on her. Deacon lets the new man in Juliette’s life know that Avery is back on the job. He’s to stay away from him from here on out. Deacon is shocked to learn that Juliette shared the intimate details of their past with Dante. He doesn’t trust this guy at all.

Juliette catches her mom trying to kiss Dante. This leads to a big blow up in front of the crew. Jolene quickly realizes that her daughter and her sober life coach are sleeping together. Again, so much for secrets. Come show time, Dante looks on as Avery goes about his work. On stage, Deacon does his best to ignore Juliette. The two of them get into a shouting match backstage. Deacon believes Juliette should have canceled the show. That’s just something you do when there’s a family emergency. He lets Juliette know that Rayna is his family. As for Dante, Juliette officially makes him her new manager and sends her mom home without him.

Lamar has another heart attack in the hospital. Bypass surgery goes well, but he’s still not out of the woods. Rayna stays by his bedside. Lamar knew Watty was Rayna’s rock. That’s why he kept the truth from her. Deacon shows up to give Rayna a big, long hug. Her voicemail message made it sound like she needed him. Deacon eventually says a reluctant goodbye before heading over to see Stacey. The hug he gives her doesn’t seem as meaningful as the one he gave Rayna, who tells her unconscious dad that they missed a lot of their life together because he was so angry at her mom. This is just before Lamar opens his eyes.

Gunnar is all about celebrating Scarlett’s success with Edgehill Records. Will comes along as they hit the clubs. He convinces Scarlett to join him on stage for a duet. Gunnar sits this one out. He’s just not into music at the moment. Will believes the only way to get over death is to tempt it. That’s why he plays a harrowing game of chicken with a train. A freaked out Gunnar jumps out of his truck after the boys survive the stunt. He’s angry at first, but feels the rush. It’s enough to get him playing his music again. As for Scarlett, she’s overwhelmed by the reception she’s given as she’s welcomed into the Edgehill family.

Peggy knows she has to keep her distance from Teddy until the situation with Lamar stabilizes. Still, she can’t help calling him while he’s with the girls sounding a tad unstable herself. She lets Teddy know that she loves him. Later, Tandy discovers that Peggy has been making lots of phone calls to her father. She lets Teddy know that his girlfriend was the one who leaked the news of his divorce from Rayna. Uh oh.

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