S2 E08 Hanky Panky Woman

11/20/13 | NR | CC

Scarlett and Gunnar deal with the awkwardness of being on Luke Wheeler’s tour together. They’ll be sharing a tour bus for the next few weeks. Deacon is in Tampa to see his niece take the big stage for the first time. He promises the crowd is going to love her. As for Gunnar, he’s advised by Luke Wheeler to shape one of his tunes to fit his brand.

Rayna is hitting the road to Tampa to support Scarlett and spend the weekend with Luke Wheeler. Two cops show up at her door with a court order for her to turn over the masters of her new album to Edgehill Records. Rayna has no choice but to comply. She later meets up with Luke Wheeler, who has invited Jeff Fordham to the show. Speaking of Rayna’s Edgehill nemesis, he intimidates Scarlett just before she takes the stage. Technical problems arise as well. Scarlett is lost. Boos and jeers from the crowd roll in. It’s a total disaster.

Scarlett is crushed. She flees the stage. Then she heads right back out there with a country legend by her side. Rayna straightens out the crowd. Moments later, they are back on Scarlett’s side as she belts out her first tune. Jeff Fordham mocks Rayna with a little golf clap as she returns backstage. These two do not like each other at all. As for Scarlett, she’s devastated after the show. Deacon does his best to calm her down, but she’s just too far gone. A pep talk from Rayna helps. The two ladies bond over their mutual distaste for Jeff Fordham. The guy is a bully, and bullies need to be stopped.

Rayna has a full blowout backstage argument with Jeff Fordham, who has a marketing campaign that is in extremely poor taste. The plan is to have Rayna cash in on the goodwill felt after her accident. Jeff basically wants to promote the album as if she’s coming back from the dead. Rayna runs into Deacon, who doesn’t think Scarlett is ready for this tour. However, she is ready to help Gunnar with the song he’s writing for Luke. The two of them work out the tune together. Both Rayna and Luke hear their work from their hotel room. Gunnar is getting sole writing credit on Luke Wheeler’s very next tune.

The second Luke Wheeler concert rolls around. This time Scarlett is a force to be reckoned with. This time she owns the stage and the crowd. Deacon admits that Rayna was right about his niece being ready. Sometimes you just have to fight your way through. When Luke Wheeler takes the stage, he invites Rayna to join him for a duet. They sing a tune called “Ball & Chain.” It’s Gunnar’s tune. He asks about the showcase he was promised. Jeff Fordham assures him that he’s a man of his word.

The crowd loves Luke Wheeler’s latest tune. Rayna lets Jeff know that if they release it as a digital single, it’ll send his quarterly sales figures way up. The only thing she asks is that he returns the masters for her new album. Deal! In other news, Scarlett gives her mom a call. She lets her know how hard life is on the road as she curls up in bed with the pillow her Uncle Deacon brought her from home.

Peggy is a little flustered when Teddy mentions he wants to attend her next doctor’s appointment. She later calls Teddy to say she’s having some cramping issues. She pulls out a container of pork blood. Teddy comes home to find his new wife curled up on the bathroom floor. There are drops of blood in various places. Peggy says she thinks she lost the baby. A sympathetic Teddy gives her a hug. He assures her that she’s his wife. It’s the two them together from here on out.

Juliette tries to wrap her mind around the kiss Charlie Wentworth’s wife planted on her. Olivia isn’t mad. She suggests that the three of them could have a lot of fun together. Juliette is stunned. She looks to make a hasty exit out of Houston. She takes her mind of this issue by hammering out a new tune with Avery, who knows she’s upset about something.

Juliette spills the details of her situation with the Wentworths. She’s surprised to hear his similar tale of having a sugar mama manager in the past. Avery advises Juliette to stop giving others power over her. His words hit home. Juliette tells off both Olivia and Charlie big time. She believes she is finally done with the Wentworths until Charlie shows up at her door to say he’s in love with her.

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