S2 E09 I'm Tired of Pretending

12/04/13 | NR | CC

Layla Grant’s star is on the rise. This ticks off Juliette, as it delays her time getting on stage. She switches up the lineup so won’t happen again. Juliette is uneasy about Charlie Wentworth’s declaration of love for her. Basically, she doesn’t believe the guy is sincere. A celebrity news report stating that Charlie filed for divorce has Juliette thinking twice about things. Soon enough, the two of them start getting very chummy again.

Teddy isn’t thrilled to learn that Maddie wants Deacon to give her guitar lessons. Rayna assures him that no one is trying to replace him in the dad category. Maddie wants to know why Deacon never made a second album. She’s happy to hear that he may do another someday. Maddie plays at the big music festival’s open mic for kids. Teddy is totally ticked when she calls Deacon up to the stage to sing with her. The two men almost come to blows after the show. This has a distressed Maddie running off.

Maddie considers cutting all ties with both Deacon and Teddy. Rayna tries to do damage control by summoning the dueling dads to a meeting. She lets them know that Maddie loves them both. But if Teddy and Deacon don’t work things out, she’s going to lose them both. That’s not going to happen anytime soon. Teddy gets Deacon kicked of the schedule for his upcoming music festival.

Avery cons Zoey into taking a road trip to St. Louis to see Scarlett. Gunnar will be there, too. This is an invitation to some serious weirdness. Gunnar finds out about Scarlett and Avery’s reconciliation, but he and Zoey keep their relationship under wraps. Scarlett likes that everyone is getting along, but she feels like an outsider now. Zoey and Gunnar agree they need to give Scarlett the 411 on their situation, but there never seems to be a good time. And there never will be, as Scarlett catches her two pals sharing a passionate smooch.

Lamar needs character witnesses to testify that he wouldn’t be a flight risk if given house arrest. He wants Rayna to ask Tandy to step up on his behalf. Little does he know that she’s the reason he’s in lockup. The government threatens to expose Tandy as their star witness if she helps her dad. So Rayna steps up to the plate. She tells the court that her father is not a flight risk. He just wants to be home with his family. Even after his daughter’s testimony, Lamar is denied his request for house arrest.

Will isn’t thrilled about playing the part of Layla’s main man. He gets extremely liquored up to the point where he takes a nose dive off a bar. He was hoping some fans would catch him. They didn’t. This incident leads to Brent becoming a babysitter. He advises Will to make things right with Layla. Will does so by letting her do a duet with him during his show. This has Juliette furious. That’s why she joins Will on stage at the last minute. Now Layla is the one who is furious. Actually, she’s devastated.

Will is getting along well with Brent. He pretty much admits to Juliette that he doesn’t really like Layla. He hopes to one day find someone who brings out the best in him. This has Juliette pondering her own situation. She places a call to Avery to let him know that she’s on her way back to Nashville. Once she gets there, she advises Charlie to get back together with his wife. What they have isn’t love. Elsewhere, a still-angry Layla makes a phone call. She has information on why Charlie and Olivia Wentworth split up. She says it was all because of two words: Juliette Barnes.

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