S2 E10 Tomorrow Never Comes

12/11/13 | NR | CC

The Music City Music Festival is coming up fast. Juliette is the headliner. She’s also the center of attention as the paparazzi converge on her about being a home-wrecker regarding the Wentworth marriage. Juliette is completely blindsided, as is Teddy once the questions start flying at him. Juliette swears these are just rumors. She wants to know who started all this. She wants to give the press another target. Juliette has a pretty good idea that Layla is behind everything.

Luke Wheeler lets Rayna know that Jeff Fordham is planning her album launch right after their single is released. This has Rayna paying the Edgehill boss an unannounced visit in his home while he’s skinny-dipping with a lovely lady. Jeff isn’t bending. He needs a Rayna Jaymes album to be released or a buyout check for $20 million. That’s going to be tough. Tandy offers to throw $3 million into the pot. Rayna still needs more. A lot more. She considers selling her house.

Deacon learns that he’s been removed from the list of performers at the Music City Music Festival. Gunnar is still playing it though. Sadly, it’s in front of the latrines at 11 in the morning. Deacon suggests they team up to perform just outside the fences. Scarlett is ticked that Gunnar has the nerve to go over the plan in her house after what went down with Zoey. Deacon, on the other hand, is focused solely on their makeshift show. He also doesn’t want to see his niece lose her best friend. Still, Scarlett can’t bring herself to forgive Zoey.

Will continues to sleep with Layla even though his mind is clearly on someone else. Brent learns that guys he beat up in Houston were the ones harassing him and his boyfriend. He lets Will know that he’s no longer involved. Brent is front and center during Will’s show, as is Layla. But after the show, Will ends up in bed with Brent. As for Layla, she’s flustered when Jeff Fordham threatens to destroy her if he finds out she’s the one who leaked the story about Juliette and Charlie Wentworth (which she is).

Juliette takes the stage during the festival. The big “Home Wrecker” sign in the crowd has her flustered along with all the nasty insults being launched her way. Juliette is completely crushed until Avery jumps in to help her belt out the tune. It doesn’t take long for Juliette to get back on track. Still, it was a rough night. Juliette is beside herself. Avery lets her know that at least they kept going and they came through the other side. He says she may have to face the press, but she doesn’t have to play their game. That’s why she gives them a big “no comment” while bracing for the long haul.

Luke Wheeler tries to convince Rayna to stay with the label. That’s not something she wants to do. Jeff tries to let her know that the album won’t sell. He has the market research numbers to prove it. Rayna puts all her concerns on hold as she takes the girls to see Deacon’s show. Maddie is happy, as Peggy had put the kibosh on her attendance earlier. After the show, Rayna lets Deacon know that he makes a very good frontman. She also lets Jeff know that she’s buying him out. This news has Luke Wheeler becoming suddenly distant.

As Gunnar takes the stage, Deacon is approached about his budding solo career. Avery takes Scarlett away from the festivities to make love to her at home. Zoey lets Gunnar know that she wants to be with him no matter what Scarlett thinks. Inside the main stage, Charlie Wentworth lets Juliette know that he’s still going forward with his divorce. He’d be miserable if he stayed with Olivia. As for Juliette, she wants to declare her love for Avery but stops short when she sees that he’s with Scarlett.

Will is feeling lost and confused after sleeping with Brent. Tears stream down his face as he stands near the track of an approaching train. He then stands directly in its path. Back at the music festival site, just about everyone is gone for the night. Rayna sees Teddy and Peggy as they are headed toward their car. She gives her ex the 411 about her buyout plans. As Teddy turns to leave, a man approaches. This stranger has a gun. Teddy and the guy struggle until… BANG! The gun goes off and the stranger flees. Teddy is unhurt but panicked when he looks over toward his car. It’s Peggy. She’s been hit. She’s not moving.


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