S2 E12 Just for What I Am

01/22/14 | TV-PG | CC

Juliette just can’t break free from the fallout of the out-of-context quote that spurned the wrath of the masses. One of her shows gets canceled after the venue’s owner receives a bogus threat. More and more shows are axed. Jeff Fordham pays Juliette an incredibly harsh visit to let her know that she needs to beg for forgiveness because she’s an uneducated, mildly-talented lie. The guy’s people skills are severely lacking. The verbal smackdown devastates Juliette to the point where she drinks heavily. Avery and her bodyguard find her passed out in the bedroom.

When Juliette sobers up, Avery assures her that she deserves everything she has. He knows that she does, indeed, believe in a higher power. Avery drags a disguised Juliette out to the street where the two of them put on an impromptu concert. An impressed crowd gathers. They love it. This is just what Juliette needed. However, she’s still afraid everything will all go away. Avery assures that she’ll always have the music.

Deacon is surprised when he’s offered a record deal, but it’s not a very lucrative one. He’s on the hunt for better offers. He actually gets one from Rayna. She wants him to write a tune to be the lead single for her new album. The two of them get to work over some pizzas. They crank out a pretty solid song just like they did back in the day. They have a great time doing so, too.

Gunnar runs into Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts fame. He’s surprised that this superstar has actually heard of his work. He’s even attending the upcoming party celebrating the song Gunnar wrote. Jay wants him to write a tune or two with him. It forces him to cancel plans with Zoey. This is becoming a habit. Avery advises Zoey to let Gunnar know how she feels. She does so right before his big night. Gunnar is less than understanding. This ticks off Zoey especially when he brings up how Scarlett would understand. Speaking of his ex-girlfriend/songwriting partner…

Scarlett gets a chance to sing with the Zac Brown Band. It’s all part of her whirlwind schedule which still does NOT include writing more than one tune for Kelly Clarkson. It’s all because she doesn’t want to be around Gunnar even though she reluctantly attends his party. Luke Wheeler is there, too. Rayna isn’t ready to be seen in public with him. She doesn’t want to be a celebrity couple with a hybrid nickname. Luke is willing to wait for her. He’s also impressed that Deacon is ready to go out there on his own with a solo deal.

Scarlett is surprised to learn who her uncle’s newest songwriting partner is. She confronts Rayna about what she feels is a weird co-dependent relationship with Deacon. Later, the songwriting pair amicably agrees they shouldn’t work together anymore. Deacon takes his solo deal. Other relationship advice comes from Jay DeMarcus, who warns Gunnar to make things right with his girl. So the man of the hour skips out of his own party to do just that. Zoey forgives him and introduces him to all of her friends.

Scarlett apologizes for what she said to Rayna, who gives her the scoop on what kind of life she’s signing up for by being a singer. She promises she won’t let her down. Later, Rayna gets a visit from Luke Wheeler. She lets him know that she may be ready to let the world know about their relationship. They’ll start with her girls.

Teddy learns that the family of the man who killed Peggy has hired a lawyer. They don’t believe the suspect killed himself. The attorney representing them is Deacon’s current lady love, Megan. She reveals to the angry mayor that the shooter worked for a company called Hollander Enterprises. This newsflash has Teddy confronting Lamar’s right hand man, Albert, about his dealings with this organization. It has him thinking there’s a connection. He tells Megan that Lamar is the mystery person behind his wife’s murder.



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