S2 E15 They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore

02/26/14 | NR | CC

Teddy races over to let Rayna know that her father passed away after having a heart attack in his office. Maddie and Daphne are devastated by the news. Tandy is equally crushed, but Rayna is fairly robotic in her demeanor. After all, her sister had called their father a murderer. Teddy gives a press conference announcing the news of Lamar’s passing. He’s peppered with questions about their strained relationship, but deflects them by labeling his deceased ex-father-in-law as having been a pillar of the community.

Deacon has trouble scrounging up a band for a local gig. No problem. Avery and Gunnar are up for playing with him. Zoey offers to sing backup. Deacon is ticked when his playing time gets pushed to midnight. He wants to bail, but his makeshift band won’t let him. They came to play. The crowd thins out considerably by the time they go on, but those who are left sure do like what they hear. Deacon is offered a headliner spot after the show. This good news is put on the back burner once he gets Maddie’s text about her grandfather.

Juliette is thrilled to hear that a top music critic raved about her rebellious performance of “Don’t Put Dirt on my Grave Just Yet.” Glenn interrupts her little bedroom romp with Avery to let his client know that the review got super producer Howie V is interested in her. Unfortunately, the guy has no interest in using the incredible mix her new boyfriend did for her new tune. No, Howie has a much grander plan in mind. He wants to strip Juliette of her country roots. Glenn, for one, isn’t terribly impressed by this approach. It’s time for him to step away. Glenn bids a heartfelt goodbye to Juliette.

Deacon asks the crowd at the Bluebird to give a moment of silence for Rayna and her daughters. He pulls Gunnar, Avery and Zoey up to the stage to thank them for reminding him what it means to make music. He lets them kick off the night’s festivities. Juliette arrives in time see the show. Scarlett, on the other hand, only watches through the window outside. She’s feeling alone after having recently rebuffed a kiss from Liam. She will likely feel even more solitary once she learns that her three friends are forming their own band. She later finds comfort in the arms of Liam.

Juliette lets Glenn know in no uncertain terms that he’s not quitting on her. After all, he’s the only person who has ever stood by her. He’s the only one who ever wanted her to be herself. Juliette also lets Glenn know that she’s not willing to ditch country music just yet. Guess that means they won’t be ditching each other either.

Rayna reveals to Deacon that her father was involved in her mother’s death. Elsewhere, Teddy reveals to Megan that he told Lamar that Tandy is the one who betrayed him. He admits he just watch Lamar die. Later, Deacon lets Megan know that he’s attending the memorial service. She agrees it’s a good idea, but makes no mention of the conversation she had with Teddy. At the memorial, Rayna pays her respects in the most robotic of ways. She finally breaks down at home. She cries to Tandy and Teddy that all of the lying in their family has got to stop.

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