S2 E17 We've Got Things to Do

03/12/14 | TV-PG | CC

Wheels are put in motion to get Juliette on the Highway 65 label. It’s a bumpy start. Juliette wants to hit the ground running. Rayna is all about a strategic rollout. She invites Juliette to her album drop party that’s happening before she does a show at the Grand Ole Opry, but wants to keep mum about their plans to collaborate for now.

Will is shocked to learn that Layla has hired Brent as her new manager. He beelines over to Juliette’s place when he learns he’s being dropped from her tour. He thought they were friends. As for Layla, Brent books her a gig where she totally rocks. This is the start of tour plan involving Will, who instead signs on to go on tour with Luke Wheeler. This has Layla questioning the nature of their relationship.

Scarlett is trying to press on without Liam. She’s not ready to work with another stranger, so she suggests Avery as her new producer. This ticks off Juliette. After all, he didn’t want to ride her coattails, but has no problem do this favor for Scarlett. The two of them have a big blowout that leads to Juliette going to Rayna’s event dateless. Scarlett is also flying solo and popping pills when no one is looking.

Maddie is ticked at her dad for forcing her to make schoolwork a priority over music. Teddy asks Deacon if he could be a positive influence on his daughter by encouraging her to study. He has an awkward run-in with Megan as he makes this request. Deacon is still clueless as to what went on with these two. Megan believes it was a mistake. She asks Teddy to steer clear of her, but he’s in close proximity at Rayna’s Highway 65 event. There’s obviously something happening between these two.

Luke Wheeler offers Deacon a chance to open for him on his tour. That’s not the biggest news of Rayna’s party though as far as the public is concerned. Juliette is ticked over the attention Scarlett is getting over being signed by Rayna, so she takes to the stage to declare that she’s being brought onboard at Highway 65. As mentioned before, things are off to a bumpy start. A furious Rayna has an idea for damage control. She invites Juliette to join her for a duet at the Grand Ole Opry. Time will tell if this will sway the masses.

Teddy grounds Maddie after she fails to complete her school assignment. The punishment goes from two weeks to a month when she declares she wants to live with her real father. Maddie changes her last name on an online video site to Claybourne as she uploads a music video.

Gunnar wants to go full speed ahead with the band idea, but his cohorts think it should stay casual for now. Zoey’s reason is because she had a solid audition to be a backup singer on a national tour for at least six months. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get the gig. In other news, Will reveals to Gunnar that he’s had relationships other than the one he had with Brent. There’s a good chance his secret will come out. This has Will making a drastic move. He gets down on one knee and asks Layla to marry him.

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