S2 E18 Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down

03/26/14 | TV-PG | CC

Rayna’s album is not doing well partially because Jeff Fordham is pushing Will’s release big time. But the main reason is likely because she signed Juliette. Hopefully Rayna’s upcoming live stream with Luke Wheeler of “Ball and Chain” will help. As for Juliette, she’s going on tour to win back the fans. Scarlett is opening for her. Avery will be her traveling album producer not to mention Juliette’s traveling boyfriend.

Juliette wows the crowd at her concert. She worked hard and it paid off. The only problem is that Avery wasn’t there to see it. He was busy writing with Scarlett. He also can’t make the after-party. Juliette reacts to all this by coming down hard on Scarlett. She orders her to make some noise during her open set. After popping some pills, Scarlett defies her boss. She sings a ballad. Juliette is furious, but she’s not going to fire her. After Scarlett’s impassioned speech, she decides to work with her to make their tour great. She also lets Avery know that he has her heart.

Gunnar isn’t thrilled to hear that his pal Will popped the question to Layla. Jeff Fordham wonders about this supposedly joyous news. As for Gunnar, his attempt to talk about all that’s wrong with this situation ends abruptly when Will smashes a beer bottle against the wall. Layla is also feeling the heat from her parents. They are threatening to sever all ties with her. Will suggests the get married ASAP.

Teddy is ticked when Maddie sneaks off to hang with Deacon while grounded. He wants there to be consequences, but Rayna convinces him to allow her to attend an upcoming concert. It’s so she can introduce the girls to Luke Wheeler’s 16-year-old son, Colt, who has 20,000 followers on social media. The kid thinks an impromptu concert Maddie and Daphne put on is pretty dope. In other words, he likes it. He mixes the tune and posts it on his homepage. Rayna and Luke are furious.

Teddy shows up at the concert to take the girls home. A small brouhaha erupts with Deacon getting into the mix. Rayna manages to settle everyone down, but Teddy isn’t leaving. He waits backstage. More fireworks flare up when Colt shows his dad the video Maddie posted online using Claybourne as her surname. At least now Luke knows why Deacon is always in the middle of this family drama. The show must go on though. Luke takes the stage with Deacon and Will for what he calls a Three-Wheeler set.

Deacon gets the cold shoulder from Luke after their performance is done. The hits keep on coming when he learns about Megan’s unfaithfulness. He resists the urge to cave in Teddy’s face. He’s furious with Megan. It’s over between them. Megan knows this but worries that Deacon will do something destructive. As for Rayna, she has a heart-to-heart chat with Luke. She says Deacon is her history, but Luke is her present and hopefully her future. They both need some time to figure everything out.

Gunnar lies to Jeff Fordham when the guy flat-out asks if Will is gay. He shows up at the small wedding service asking for a word with the groom. He tells him about what went down with Jeff. That doesn’t stop Will from going through with the wedding. Gunnar stands by his friend’s side though he’s obviously concerned about what the future now holds.

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