S2 E19 Crazy

04/02/14 | TV-PG | CC

Luke Wheeler explains that he’s had thing for Rayna for a long time, but she was all about Deacon back in the day. They are good in the present though. Their chat gets put on hold when Rayna sees the ladies of The View discussing the love child she had with Deacon. The secret is out. The paparazzi are all over the family. Everyone is reeling.

Rayna realizes they must tell their story as a united front. This includes Deacon, who rummages through his house looking for alcohol. He finally finds a bottle. He doesn’t drink, but he does trash his place. Deacon can’t do the united front thing if it includes Teddy. He’s too afraid of killing the guy if he’s in the same room with him. Rayna finds out why. This leads to big blowup where Teddy vows he is not going to lose Maddie to Deacon.

Maddie asks Daphne to forgive her for the mistake she made. She wants her to sing with her. It takes some doing, but Daphne eventually comes around. Elsewhere, Rayna preps for an appearance on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts. Teddy is by her side. Deacon shows up just before airtime saying he’ll abide by Rayna’s wishes to tell the truth. He admits on national TV that he was a raging alcoholic when Maddie was conceived. There was no helping him back then.

Deacon says Rayna and Teddy did a great job raising the single best thing in his life. The situation has totally been defused, but that doesn’t mean Luke is happy about what just went down. As for Deacon, he wishes Rayna would have told him about Maddie sooner. He lost so much time with her. Rayna admits that she wanted to raise their child in a loving home that he simply could not provide.

Juliette meets with Charlie Wentworth. He has the clout to get her back on country radio. Juliette floats the idea past Avery, who is all for her doing whatever it takes to get her career back on track. Charlie says he’s willing to help even after his pursuit of a romantic relationship is rebuffed. He shows up at a music venue where Avery advises him to move on from Juliette.

Gunnar gets a check for over $400,000 for the hit song he wrote. He uses some of the money to help Zoey cut a professional demo. He’s happy to do this but bummed when he loses out a gig because his band broke up. As for Zoey, her new demo and headshot get her an offer to take a shot at making music in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Gunnar sets his sights on buying a brand new home.

Scarlett is shocked when her mother, Beverly, shows up unexpectedly. Mama O’Connor is all smiles and laughs with her daughter in front of others, but she becomes highly abusive when it’s just the two of them behind closed doors. This has Scarlett popping pills. It helps her cope with the scene her mama puts on while jamming with her band. Scarlett returns the favor by dedicating her “Black Roses” tune to Beverly that speaks to the true nature of their relationship.

Beverly gets the message loud and clear. This leads to another volatile scene between mother and daughter. Scarlett asks Juliette if she can have the night off from performing. That’s not happening. So Scarlett starts drinking. Avery realizes she’s in bad shape, but he can’t stop her from going out onstage. She has flashbacks to her traumatic childhood. Scarlett cries and cowers under the piano. Avery rushes out to help her, but it’s far too late. So much damage has already been done.


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