S2 E20 Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad

04/30/14 | TV-PG | CC

Avery rushes Scarlett off the stage after her breakdown. The tour doctor suspects she’s been putting more than just alcohol in her body. Scarlett is flown back to Nashville where Deacon and Rayna are waiting on the tarmac. Scarlett is still in really bad shape. Rayna seems to be blaming Juliette for what’s happened. Deacon has another opinion. He feels Rayna should have protected his niece from all this.

Scarlett’s mom, Beverly, tells the doctor that there is a history of psychotic breaks in their family. She then goes off on Rayna, who advises her to blow off her steam on someone else. As for Scarlett, she freaks out having believed she’s been committed. She bolts from the clinic with Beverly in hot pursuit. Deacon manages to cut off his sister while Rayna calms down Scarlett.

Deacon and Beverly have an emotionally-charged screaming match about their complicated past. Once things calm down, the notion of giving Scarlett their unconditional love and support arises. Zoey wants to do the same. She visits Scarlett just as she’s watching a video of her breakdown on stage. Before seeing this, she angrily told Juliette that what happened was a minor hiccup.

Rayna has a heart-to-heart with Deacon, who apologizes for blaming her. Juliette is looking to apologize to Avery for a blowout they had about all that’s gone down but he’s nowhere to be found. That’s because he spent the night sleeping by Scarlett’s bedside. Juliette overhears their heartfelt conversation about just how much they mean to each other. It’s like a punch in the gut.

Gina Romano makes reality TV shows. She wants Will to be part of her next project. Layla is totally onboard. Will is a little hesitant especially after Jeff Fordham warns him about the dangers of exposing himself like that. Speaking of Jeff Fordham, he wants Gunnar to join his new publishing division at Edgehill. He makes him a sweet offer. Gunnar turns him down flat after Jeff makes the mistake of calling Scarlett a loon. He later sees the video of the meltdown. This leads to him taking a pen and paper in hand to write a new song.

Scarlett finally gets a clean bill of health. She admits that she doesn’t want to do this anymore. Rayna feels like she’s been trying to tell her this for some time. So she releases her from her contract. Scarlett signs herself out of the hospital. She tells Beverly that she loves her but she needs her to go away. Scarlett tells Deacon that she doesn’t want to be a star. That’s too bad for Highway 65. The label will now live or die on Rayna’s new album.

Juliette attends a big music event solo. She dresses sexy and drinks heavily. She’s not the only one feeling low. Jeff Fordham watches from afar as a defiant Will agrees to do the reality TV show. He’s blown off by Gunnar when the two of them cross paths. Juliette, however, allows Jeff to have a seat next to her at the bar. A short time later, the two of them are all over each other in a secluded spot. Gunnar catches their disheveled return to the party. He has a pretty good idea what just happened between these two.

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