S2 E21 All or Nothing With Me

05/07/14 | TV-PG | CC

Juliette takes a shower trying to wash away the shame of having sex with the loathsome Jeff Fordham. A short time later, Avery apologizes for the rockiness in their relationship. Juliette halfheartedly assures him that they are fine. In other news, Gunnar gets a call to co-write some songs with Juliette. He’s uneasy because of what he knows. The initial business meeting is a bit awkward. Then it gets downright uncomfortable when Jeff Fordham pops in.

Radio broadcasters weren’t thrilled when Rayna signed Juliette to her label. Her meeting with this powerful group is interrupted by the news that Luke Wheeler has been hurt. He’s out on a morale tour for the soldiers in Afghanistan. Rayna’s off to meet him at the hospital in New York. Teddy watches Daphne while Maddie uses this event as an opportunity to spend some time for Deacon. As for Luke, he’s banged up but okay. He’s glad Rayna is at his bedside.

Luke is disappointed because he can’t give the troops the concert he promised. Rayna suggests they do a new show at a base stateside that they can simulcast overseas. Juliette will also perform at the nearby Fort Campbell. She signs on to be part of the show while declining Jeff’s desire to turn her into a crossover artist. Luke isn’t too keen on having Juliette perform at the concert until he overhears her telling a soldier the story of how her father died. He offers to perform something together.

Luke declares his love for Rayna. The reason he’s been edgy lately is because he’s not sure she feels the same way about him. Rayna assures him she does. The day of the big concert arrives. A special video message from the nation’s capital is delivered to the troops. Then it’s show time. Luke and Juliette wow the crowd with an electric duet of “Don’t Throw Dirt on My Grave Just Yet.” While they are on stage, Deacon lets Rayna know how grateful he is for everything she did for their little girl.

After the show, Juliette lets Avery once again know that they are just fine. She seems to be a little surer of that this time around until Jeff Fordham puts out a veiled threat to spill the story of what happened between them. Juliette’s set is done, but the show goes on with Kellie Pickler. Out in the audience, Deacon asks Teddy for a favor. He wants to know about the night Maddie was born. He wants to know what he missed. Teddy tells him the story of how he felt a love he’d never known before that night.

Will and Layla are going full steam ahead with their reality TV series. The producer doesn’t buy the passionate act being caught on camera. This ticks off Will, who blows off some steam at the gym. He crumbles up the business card of a personal trainer, Tony, who approaches him after picking up a vibe. He has a meltdown at home where he rips down one of the mounted cameras from the wall. He later makes a call to that personal trainer.

Gunnar is about to tell Avery his big secret when Zoey pops by with the announcement that she’s become a backup singer for Juliette. He never breaks the news about his girlfriend’s new boss. Elsewhere, Scarlett doesn’t know what to do with herself now that she’s no longer a performer. So she goes back to waiting tables. Some customers tell her they’re sorry for all that’s happened. After all, she’s a really good singer.

As the concert for the troops continues, Rayna takes the stage. Her daughters are by her side. Maddie asks her mother if Deacon can join them for their performance. He does. The four of them sing a sweet song to the troops. Everyone is into the tune. However, it’s obvious that both Teddy and Luke are taking in this scene with truly mixed emotions.

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