S3 E02 How Far Down Can I Go

10/01/14 | TV-PG | CC

Rayna brushes off personal questions posed by a reporter as she shows him the future offices of Highway 65. With no juicy gossip, she may not get a featured spot in his magazine. The hits keep coming when Rayna hears that her album has been bumped to number two by Will Lexington, who is ecstatic. Layla, however, is falling apart. Will tries to help her by pushing Jeff Fordham, who is also being pressured by his bosses to turn Edgehill around pronto.

Juliette gets confirmation that she’s pregnant. She and Avery were always very careful. The father is most likely Jeff Fordham. Juliette makes a decision. She goes to another audition for the Patsy Cline movie. Layla is also reading for the part. She’s escorted there by Jeff, who tries to sign a new artist in Sadie Stone and later mocks Juliette when he sees her in the hall. As for Layla, her audition doesn’t go well. She comes to a realization that she hates Will and she will not let him get in the way of what she wants.

Maddie is giving Deacon a lot of attitude pushing him to the point where he blurts out that he asked her mother to marry him. Maddie is crushed. She wanted her mom to pick him. Deacon believes that the bright side to all this is that he won’t be going out on tour. Actually, that’s not true. Luke knows it is good business to have him on the road. They leave in a week. This is bad news for Maddie, who is upset because her mom is also going out on tour. She feels like everyone is leaving her.

Rayna opens up to Luke about her father as she and Tandy clear out the estate of all its items. She discovers that Lamar had her first platinum record framed and hanging in his dressing room. Rayna realizes that she got her ambition from her father. As for Tandy, she realizes she needs her independence. That’s why she’s going to work for a non-profit in California.

After Gunnar asks her to move in with him, Zoey vents to Avery about the situation with Scarlett. She interrupts new waitress Nadine’s attempt to flirt with the hardest working man at the Bluebird. Zoey eventually realizes she needs to talk to Scarlett, who is asked by Gunnar to help him out with some lyrics. It’s just like old times. That’s probably what has Zoey so upset as she catches the two of them working together. Scarlett has a mild freak out when Gunnar offers to give her co-writing credit on their new tune.

Zoey is told to get it together at work. Her solution to getting over her distracted ways is to accept Gunnar’s offer to move in. The next day, Scarlett apologizes to Gunnar for running out on him. She also thanks him for bringing her back. It was the right thing.

After being surprised onstage by Luke Bryan, Rayna tells her adoring fans that she is adding more dates to her concert tour. There will be a hundred shows. Rayna is then pressed for information on Luke. She likes to keep her private life private, but gives the crowd what they want by opening up before getting down to business with a song.

Juliette and Avery have a big blowout yelling match. They both declare that they are truly done with each other. Avery later takes full advantage of the fact that Nadine is so into him. As for Juliette, she heads off to a doctor’s appointment. She learns that she’s eight weeks pregnant. That means Jeff Fordham is not the father of her baby.

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