S3 E03 I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life

10/08/14 | PG | CC

Rayna and Luke (call them Layna, not Ruke) have an intense tour schedule. It’s forcing them to consider setting a wedding date sooner rather than later. This upsets Maddie, as it conflicts with the only time she could spend with Deacon. She blurts out to her mom that she knows she turned down his marriage proposal. This revelation has Rayna wanting to postpone the wedding which ticks off Luke, who takes out his anger on Deacon during their Hollywood concert.

Teddy allows Maddie to go to a barbecue bash as long as she’s home by curfew. His decision comes after his daughter promises to ditch her short-shorts and gives an assurance that parents will be present. In other news, Gunnar and Zoey rope a constantly-drinking Avery into playing at the Barn-aroo barbecue. Elsewhere, Scarlett is writing new tunes. The marketplace is calling for fun stuff. She’s advised to get out with her friends for inspiration. So she heads off to the Barn-aroo, too.

Maddie is also at the Barn-aroo. She transforms out of her skirt to reveal those short-shorts her dad told her to ditch. Teddy didn’t know that the barbecue his little girl was attending was this raucous event. Maddie celebrates her deception with some hard lemonade. Scarlett sees what’s going on and shuffles her out of the party. She makes her promise to call her before she does something stupid like this again. As for Maddie’s dad, he meets a woman while sitting at a bar, but struggles to keep up any form of conversation.

Also in attendance at the Barn-aroo is Gunnar’s first love, Kiley York. Their reunion is cut short when it comes time to play. An intoxicated Avery takes to the stage singing a song dedicated to her ex. It’s an anti-love song. It goes over well. Avery is completely hammered after the set. Zoey needs help reeling him in. Gunnar is too busy chatting with Kiley to notice.

Gunnar fesses up to Zoey that he didn’t tell the truth about his past with Kiley is because he wanted her to like her. She’s like family. Zoey assures him they are family, too. Gunnar later tells Kiley that his brother is dead. The two of them share some tears.

Juliette wrestles with morning sickness, an upcoming screen test and her inability to tell Avery she’s carrying his baby. Her people know something is up. They fear it might be drugs. Juliette meets her leading man, Noah (guest star Derek Hough). They do a screen test to prove they have a chemistry that doesn’t carry over once the cameras stop. Juliette is reluctant to open up to Noah. She makes a hasty exit primarily because she’s feeling sick again.

Luke’s new backup singer, Pam York, is a big fan of Deacon’s work. She’s introduced on stage to cheers from the crowd, but the biggest ovation occurs when Rayna surprises Luke. She didn’t like the way their last conversation ended. Luke dedicates a song to his bride-to-be. Deacon bolts from the stage just before it begins.

Deacon is surprised to find a somewhat defeated Juliette in his dressing room. She’s looking for a friend. The advice he doles out is a little harsher than she probably needed. Deacon later hooks up with Pam in his hotel room. As for Rayna and Luke, they agree to combine their schedules. They’ll have a honeymoon tour.

The only thing that’s getting Will through the stress of his marriage of convenience and dipping album sales is his workouts with his handsome personal trainer. Layla continues to wield her power over him. Jeff Fordham is not pleased with his top singer’s desire to have his wife perform with him. Will releases his stress by hooking up with his trainer. As for Layla, she threatens Jeff Fordham to make her a star or she’ll out her husband.

Juliette waits outside Avery’s place. She rehearses how she’s going to tell him about the baby. She’s devastated to see him with another woman. Avery asks the other lady to leave almost right away. He still has Juliette on his mind. This becomes evident in the song he sings about her. As for Juliette, she turns to the one person who may understand what she’s going through. She turns to Rayna.

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