S3 E04 I Feel Sorry for Me

10/15/14 | TV-PG | CC

Jeff Fordham makes a surprise $25,000 donation to Maddie and Daphne’s school during their annual benefit. Rayna accepts the check just before introducing her daughters for a performance. As for Jeff, he tells Teddy that he is interested in donating to more schools. He invites the mayor to bring his girls to a Sadie Stone concert.

Speaking of Sadie, Rayna is going after her for the label. She drags her out for a girl’s day to help seal the deal. They are chased by paparazzi with Sadie driving like a NASCAR pro to lose their slimy pursuers. Even after all the fun, Sadie decides to sign with Edgehill. Rayna doesn’t give up. She convinces Sadie to sign with her. They perform together at Sadie’s concert. This turn of events has a fuming Jeff Fordham focusing on signing Maddie and Daphne with just one parent’s consent.

After spending the night with Pam, Deacon reiterates to her that he’s in love with someone else. That doesn’t stop the new backup singer from popping up wherever he goes. They even end up in an impromptu songwriting session where Pam tries to convince Deacon he needs to move on. So he does…with her. They end up having a great day together. It looks to be the start of many.

Zoey is suspicious when she catches Gunnar and Scarlett having a private chat behind closed doors. She believes something is going on between them. In reality, Gunnar and Scarlett were planning a surprise going away party before her tour with Juliette. Zoey is stunned. She apologizes to Scarlett for what she thought. Zoey invites her friend onstage, but panic strikes Scarlett. She hides away in a closet. She tells Zoey to never do anything like that again.

Juliette has won the role of Patsy Cline opposite Hollywood heartthrob Noah West. She fesses up that she’s pregnant to Glenn and Emily. She’s going to hide this information from the rest of the world until filming is complete. Then she’ll hide away until the baby arrives and she can give it up for adoption. Juliette calls Rayna when she has a medical scare. She later shows up at Glenn’s place sobbing that she’s scared.

Avery has a drunken meltdown. Earlier, he had refused Glenn’s plea to talk to Juliette. Avery is arrested after passing out in someone’s car. There’s only one person’s whose number he can remember. Juliette tries to apologize again outside the police station. Avery has a more sober meltdown telling her that he wishes he’d never met her.

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