S3 E05 Road Happy

10/22/14 | TV-PG | CC

Jeff Fordham knows the trainer Will brought with him on the tour is there more for pleasure than business. He wants a non-disclosure agreement signed by the guy. This doesn’t go over well. Will tries to satisfy his needs by trolling for strange men at night. He ends up getting beaten up and robbed. Deacon catches Will trying to sneak back into their hotel. He offers to be a discreet friend if he needs to talk.

Juliette is pressured to tell Avery he’s the father of her baby. So she does. She sends him a text. Avery tries to respond, but his phone is confiscated during his community service assignment. Juliette was ignoring his calls anyway. She’s prepping for a movie love scene with Noah West (guest star Derek Hough).

Noah overhears an angry Avery pounding on the door of Juliette’s trailer. He later helps out his costar by suggesting to the director an angle for their scene that would hide her baby bump. Noah promises her secret is safe with him. Later, he’s there to help Juliette when she takes ill during a concert. Zoey takes over onstage to wow the crowd. As for Juliette, she passes out backstage.

Scarlett has been cranking out the songs lately, but she’s having trouble with her most recent one. The homeless man screaming outside her window isn’t helping. The guy’s name is Terry. She offers him a sandwich. In return for this gesture, Terry helps her nail down the song that’s been giving her trouble.

Kiley is moving to Tulsa to be close to an oil rigger boyfriend she met online. Gunnar is surprised to learn she has a young son. Kiley assures him that the boy is not his. Gunnar doesn’t buy it, and with good reason. He gets Kiley to admit that the kid is his.

Layla and Jeff Fordham butt heads on a number of issues. One of them is about the songs she’s being asked to perform. She wants to write some of her own. This isn’t easy. After looking through some pill bottles, a frustrated Layla slams a bathroom cabinet shut breaking the mirror. Her hand bleeds.

Rayna flies her daughters out to join her on tour. Maddie is less-than-enthused and Daphne is copping a serious attitude. She storms off just as Rayna and Luke are shooting a commercial. Mother and daughter have a heart-to-heart chat later. Rayna and Luke try to take the family out for a fun night of bowling. That’s not easy to do with fans and cameras everywhere.

When the girls get back home, Teddy takes some advice he received from Jeff Fordham about being a fun parent. Rayna is surprised when Daphne tells her that she got her ears pierced. Maddie is a lot blonder than she was when she left her mom’s tour. Highlights will do that. As for Teddy, he goes to a party with Jeff Fordham. He cuts short a call from an angry Rayna to keep chatting with a pretty lady who gives him a goodnight kiss.

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