S3 E06 Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy

10/29/14 | TV-PG | CC

It’s the morning of the CMA Award nominations and everyone is excited. Everyone but Deacon that is. He wants no part in celebrating Luke Wheeler. Luke indeed racks up the nominations. He scores five nods and Rayna gets six. Newly engaged Ruke are up against each other for the most prized "Entertainer of the Year" category! Sadie Stone and Will Lexington are also nominated, as are Gunnar, Juliette and Avery.

Meanwhile, after collapsing during her concert, Juliette is rushed to the emergency room. Zoey calls Avery with the bad news. Once she’s at the hospital, Juliette learns she had a pulmonary embolism, but the baby is thankfully okay. Avery drives all night to see Juliette. She’s shocked to see him, but before they can get into discussing the fact that she’s pregnant with his baby, Noah (guest star Derek Hough) arrives to check on his leading lady and Avery gets the wrong idea. “I shouldn’t have come,” Avery states before leaving. Later, Juliette’s doctor tells her she has a condition that puts her at high risks of blood clots during pregnancy. She can’t fly anymore, which means her tour is effectively over. “You don’t have to go through this alone,” Noah promises her. Juliette can’t get over the fact that Avery showed up, though, so she has to figure out what that means first.

After she’s released from the hospital, Juliette goes to Avery and asks him if he can forgive her. She kept the baby because it’s his and she wants to raise the baby with him. Avery thinks about it for a while and goes to see her with his decision. He forgives her and wants to be in his baby’s life, but he can’t trust her, so they’re not getting back together. Juliette later announces her pregnancy to the media and names Avery as the father.

Rayna doesn’t allow herself to celebrate the CMA news too much, because she fears the press is attributing her nominations to her relationship with Luke. Her new fiancé tells her not to worry about anything but winning. In fact, she should think about campaigning for the CMAs. It’s not something Rayna has ever done before, but by the end of the episode, she’s securing a deal to perform on Dancing with the Stars -- without Luke.

While out on tour, Deacon finds his purpose in music thanks to the help of Pam. He promises to debut a new song he’s been working on for her during that night’s concert. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned and the crowd chants Luke’s name, leading Deacon to walk off. Enter Luke Wheeler… and special guest country-music star Sara Evans! Luke and Sara perform "Put My Heart Down" and the crowd goes wild. During the after party, Deacon finally performs his song “Breathe In” with Pam and impresses everyone. The moment is interrupted when Luke gets a call that Maddie and Colt are in trouble with the police.

Luke, Deacon and Rayna all rush back to Nashville. Turns out, while Teddy was out with Jeff Fordham, Maddie made the poor decision of having a blowout party at her house and Daphne called the cops because she was scared. Maddie is going to have to work hard to earn back her parents’ trust. Oh, and she’s getting a nanny.

Scarlett befriends the homeless man she met during the previous episode. Terry (guest star Mykelti Williamson) refuses to accept charity, so Scarlett has him clean Deacon’s gutters for a home-cooked meal. Terry gets upset and flees when Scarlett starts asking questions about his family.

Meanwhile, the bromance between Teddy and Jeff hits a snag when Teddy realizes Natasha, the woman Jeff introduced him to, is an escort. Will tries to keep Layla from spiraling out of control. Plus, Gunnar deals with the news that he’s a father and seeks advice from Scarlett. He later spends time with his son and convinces Kiley to stay in Nashville. “Can we just try, please? He’s all the family I have left,” Gunnar pleads… right as Zoey (who is still completely in-the-dark about this new development) walks in. 

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