S3 E07 I'm Coming Home to You

11/12/14 | TV-PG | CC

Two months have passed and everyone is returning home to Nashville for a break. Back from touring in Europe, Luke is ready for some uninterrupted quality time with his family. Meanwhile, Rayna prepares to return also -- but not before debuting her new single on Dancing with the Stars. When she’s done, she too looks forward to a much-needed 48 hours alone with Luke. One problem: Rolling Stone wants her to do the cover… and the only time the interview can take place is this weekend. Despite assuring Luke she can juggle both the reporter and their family time, Rayna’s romantic plans get squashed. Luke is disappointed.

Things get worse when Luke, Rayna and the Rolling Stone reporter walk in on Colt and Maddie kissing. Maddie doesn’t understand why her mother is so upset about her locking lips with her future stepbrother. They like each other. Rayna is trying to protect Maddie. In fact, she has to do major damage control with the reporter. In order to keep Maddie out of the news, Rayna plays her trump card. She offers to discuss her past with Deacon.

Avery attends a prenatal appointment with Juliette, but they can’t seem to agree on anything. Avery doesn’t think he can help when it comes to Lamaze. It seems too intimate, especially considering the current state of his relationship with Juliette. Ms. Barnes struggles to prepare for motherhood alone. She’s emotional and Rayna advises her to channel that when writing new songs. Avery tries to be involved with his child from a distance, including buying a fancy new crib for the baby, but he soon realizes that Juliette and their child are one in the same until the baby is born. He pushes his hurt aside and shows up for Juliette at her Lamaze class. It’s a good thing he does, too, because he gets to feel the baby kick. He promises not to miss any more big moments in his child’s life.

Deacon is eager to return home and to an empty schedule. It’s good he doesn’t have plans because he’s completely under the weather. Despite his best efforts to leave “the road on the road,” Deacon is forced to have a conversation with Pam about the future of their relationship. It’s not going to work out, but he is so grateful he met her. Pam understands and leaves.

Will is less than thrilled to return to the homestead. He and Layla haven’t talked in months and have to mask their mounting tension for the big reveal of their reality show. When “Love and Country” premieres, Layla is horrified to see it’s been edited unfavorably and makes her look awful.

Meanwhile, Scarlett discovers her homeless friend Terry performed professionally in the past. She wants him to sing again at the Bluebird. He agrees on one condition: she has to sing with him. Scarlett manages to push past her stage fright and dazzles the crowd with Terry.

Gunnar happily spends more time with his son. However, Zoey is less than thrilled. She feels like a premature housewife and that’s not something she’s comfortable with. Tensions run high, especially when they discover Kiley is leaving town – and leaving Micah with Gunnar.

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