S3 E08 You're Lookin' at Country

11/19/14 | TV-PG | CC

It’s country music’s biggest night of the year at the 48th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville. Up for a total of 11 awards between them, Rayna and Luke’s evening begins with an unfortunate hitch when Rayna stumbles upon Luke’s pre-nuptial agreement documents, causing for some friction between them. Meanwhile, Juliette, Avery, Gunnar, Zoey, Layla, Will and Sadie get all dolled up and head to the big show, while Scarlett prepares to watch from home with Deacon (despite his protests).

After our Nashville favorites dazzle the press and fans on the red carpet, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood open the show. The first award is presented by The Band Perry! “Single of the Year” goes to Rayna Jaymes and she thanks Deacon, who co-wrote the song. That’s not the only CMA the queen of country takes home. She goes on to win award after award – and Luke doesn’t take it well. He begins drinking and blows up at his fiancé after she follows him to the men’s room. Rayna is at a loss. Is he upset about the pre-nup fight, her winning so many CMAs over him or something else? Luke shocks her when he claims the only reason her album even did well in the first place is because he proposed to her the day it was released. Meanwhile, at home, Scarlett and Deacon notice the tension between “Ruke” whenever they are on camera.

Avery’s parents are in town for the show as Avery is nominated. What should be a lovely reunion takes a turn when Avery introduces them to Juliette. Avery’s dad is really tough on him and doesn’t think much of his son’s success or the mother of his soon-to-be-born grandchild. Speaking of Juliette, she is haunted by last year’s CMAs and the tragic turn of events with her mother. Avery promises her that he isn’t his father and she isn’t her mother. He is going to love their child always and no matter what. Juliette reveals she peeked at the gender results. They are having a baby girl!

Despite getting upset after her ex contacts her, Sadie Stone has an incredible night at the CMAs. She performs and wins the “New Artist of the Year” award! Gunnar wins “Song of the Year” over Avery and Juliette, but he isn’t in the audience to accept his CMA. While under Zoey’s watch, Micah gets lost at the show so Gunnar is in full dad-mode, looking for his missing son. Thankfully, Micah turns up, but that’s where the good news ends for Gunnar. It's not working anymore for Zoey. She loves him, but she tells him that she can’t make him choose between her and Micah, so she isn’t giving him the choice. Zoey leaves him and arrives at Scarlett's in tears.

Will shines in the light of his reality show fame. The world loves him. But while Will is an overnight beloved sex symbol, Layla is the butt of all jokes. She tries desperately to make the CMA audience realize she’s actually quite bright – She deferred Harvard! – but it backfires. “I don’t want to be famous like this,” she cries. Elsewhere at the CMAs, Teddy reconnects with Natasha, the prostitute Jeff introduced him to.

The big award of the evening is presented by none other than Trisha Yearwood! Sorry, Luke, the “Entertainer of the Year” award goes to… Rayna Jaymes! She sweeps the CMAs making it six for six. Rayna gives a heartfelt speech and thanks Luke. "What's mine is yours," she reminds her future hubby. Once home, Luke apologizes to his fiancé for his behavior. He acted like a self-proclaimed jackass. He’s incredibly proud of her and hopes she can find it in her heart to forgive him. She does, but he smells like booze, so before he’s getting in her bed, he must shower. Once Luke is in the bathroom, Rayna gets a text. It’s a sweet note from Deacon congratulating her on her big night!

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