S3 E11 I'm Not That Good at Goodbye

02/04/15 | TV-PG | CC

After calling off her wedding with Luke (Will Chase), Rayna (Connie Britton) is the first to break her silence on the matter when she addresses the media camped outside her home. “Our love story may be over but I have full faith that our friendship will endure,” she tells the press. Are you sure about that, Rayna? Not only does Luke stick her with the whopping wedding bill—it’s about 50 pages long—but he also drives his truck into their wedding cake and uses their champagne bottles for target practice. Um, ever heard of drowning your post-breakup blues with a tub of ice cream, Luke?

He also storms into Deacon’s (Charles Esten) home, mistakenly expecting to find his former flame there. Deacon kicks him out and punches him when the jilted groom calls Rayna a bitch.

But Luke and Rayna’s relationship isn’t the only one to crumble. Once Will (Chris Carmack) realizes that Layla (Aubrey Peeples) nearly committed suicide as a result of the pressure of keeping his sexual orientation a secret, he decides to set her free by telling her he’ll grant her a divorce once she’s out of the hospital.

Meanwhile, Gunnar (Sam Palladio) is forced to let Micah (Gunnar Sizemore) go, when he loses his custody battle with the boy’s grandparents. Even if he had won, it would’ve been pretty hard to convince Micah to stay. When Gunnar tells the boy that he’s actually not his dad but his uncle, Micah wants nothing to do with him, and reveals he wants to go home with his grandparents.

Elsewhere, Deacon finally receives his diagnosis and it’s not good. He has a four-and-a-half centimeter tumor that is untreatable by chemo or radiation. He can get placed on a list to receive a liver transplant but if the tumor grows to five centimeters, he’s no longer eligible.

Cue Rayna to drop by Deacon’s house and finally confess that she’s always loved him and still does, but that she was afraid to pursue things with him because she “didn’t want the pain.” How’s that for bad timing? Deacon tells her to take all the time that she needs but doesn’t warn that time may be working against them due to his cancer diagnosis.

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