S3 E17 This Just Ain't a Good Day for Leavin'

04/08/15 | TV-PG | CC

Sadie is at the police station being questioned about shooting her abusive ex, Pete. Luke is also being questioned, as a witness. Rayna is at home dealing with her own family drama after telling Maddie and Daphne that she and Deacon are getting back together, but also that Deacon has cancer. When she gets a call about the shooting, she rushes to the police station to support Sadie, and is surprised and confused to find Luke there.

A very-pregnant and hormonal Juliette is stressing about her baby shower, but excited to have Rayna Jaymes as her host. Her mood darkens when she finds out that Rayna has to cancel to deal with Sadie's legal drama.

On tour, Gunnar is jealous and upset that Scarlett spent the night with Dr. Rand. Instead of talking to her, he is rude and childish. Meanwhile, Avery is trying to deal with Juliette over the phone. She is determined to pick the perfect baby name, right then and there.

At Deacon's house, Maddie is angry and sulking in Scarlett's room. She calls Teddy to come pick her up and although he is dealing with his own problems, he comes over. He and Deacon start to argue, but when Deacon reveals he's sick, Teddy tries to help him with Maddie.

Rayna brings Sadie to her house to get some rest before heading to Juliette's house to apologize for cancelling. Juliette is furious and throws a tantrum, but Rayna has had a tough 24 hours and yells right back. Suddenly, the day gets a little more dramatic... Juliette's water breaks! They rush to the hospital.

As Scarlett and Gunnar argue about their past relationship drama, the tour bus stops abruptly. Avery rushes in and advises them to deal with their problems, because they have to do the show without him because he's going to be a dad! 

The show must go on, but Scarlett won't talk to Gunnar after their argument. On stage, he starts singing the emotional and romantic song, "Longer," to tell her how he feels. They seem to be connecting on stage, but afterwards Scarlett coldly tells Gunnar she didn't feel anything for him.

Avery makes it to the hospital just in time to be with Juliette for their daughter's birth.

Sadie gets the call that the D.A. won't be filing charges against her, but emotionally she's not over what happened. She tearfully calls Rayna to give her the news, and to admit that she's leaving town to sort through what happened, and she's going to be gone for a long time. But before she goes, Sadie stops by the studio to thank Luke for giving the police a witness statement that cleared her, even though she knows there's no way he actually saw what happened.

Rayna heads home after an exhausting day, and thanks Deacon for taking care of the girls.

At the hospital, Juliette and Avery are beyond happy as they introduce their newborn daughter to Emily and Glenn. But, she still needs a name!

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