S3 E19 The Storm Has Just Begun

04/22/15 | TV-PG | CC

It's going to be another big night in Nashville. Everyone is getting ready to attend Teddy's "Note By Note" gala in support of music education.

Juliette gets home from L.A. just in time to get ready for the event, and finds that Avery has fired the nanny. His mom has temporarily moved in to help. Juliette isn't fazed, and informs Avery that she'll be making her comeback performance at the gala. On behalf of Highway 65, Rayna is planning to buy Juliette the live command performance in the charity auction. Avery says maybe he should stay home, and Juliette doesn't seem to care.

Will and Kevin are in bed, and they've barely gone outside for days. Things are going well! But Kevin has to break the news that he already has a date to the gala.

Meanwhile, at Scarlett's insistence, she and Gunnar are interviewing replacements for Avery, but no one is up to her standards. They're both frustrated.

On the "Note By Note" red carpet, Juliette is being lavished with attention by the press... until Luke and Jade St. John (guest star Christina Aguilera) walk in together and upstage her.

Deacon, Rayna, Maddie, and Daphne arrive together. They are going to perform together. But Deacon gets a life-changing call -- doctors found him a liver! They rush to the hospital, abandoning Daphne and the performance.

Scarlett tries to rush to the hospital too, but car trouble forces her to get a ride from Gunnar. She fills him in on Deacon's situation.

After Rayna leaves, Bucky lets Juliette know he'll be bidding on the command performance in Rayna's place. Layla and Jeff show up, and Juliette's temper flares.

Avery is upset that Juliette left him alone to deal with Cadence, but his mom gives him good advice: fix things with Juliette.

At the hospital, Dr. Rand has to deliver unwelcome news. Deacon has a fever that could delay or prevent the liver transplant. He could lose the liver to someone else on the list. Scarlett tearfully begs Dr. Rand to sway the transplant committee in Deacon's favor, but the good doctor won't compromise his integrity. He's unhappy she even asked.

Teddy asks Luke to fill in for Rayna, and to perform with Daphne. Luke and Daphne sing a beautiful duet, "Have a Little Faith In Me." Daphne gets her chance to shine.

Juliette picks a fight with Layla, and when Layla's new friend Jade steps in, Juliette shuts her down.

Gunnar arrives at the hospital with Scarlett's car keys. He had her battery replaced.

Avery shows up at the gala to support Juliette. She's overjoyed. But when the command performance goes up on the auction block, her diva behavior comes back to haunt her. Jade starts a bidding war with Bucky, and steals Juliette's spotlight with a $500,000 winning bid and a Layla Grant command performance! Juliette is seething. She and Avery get up to leave, but Jade confronts her. Juliette's cruel response stuns the whole room into silence and Jade runs off in tears.

At the hospital, Deacon gets good news. His fever was caused by a sinus infection, and the surgery can move forward.

Jade invited Layla to go on tour with her, but Jeff says no way. Jade people uses people and throws them away.

Back at home, Daphne asks Teddy if she can move in with him because Rayna's house doesn't feel like home anymore.

Luke brings Jade to The Bluebird Cafe, where he surprises her with the chance to perform. No one will accuse her of trying to buy country cred there, but she can earn it. She performs "Shotgun," one of Luke's old songs. Later, when he walks her back to her hotel room, she admits she had a crush on him as a kid. They kiss and then head into her room and shut the door.

Juliette apologizes to Avery for her behavior. She doesn't know what's going on with her, but her old life and successful career seem so far away now. What if she becomes irrelevant at 25? Avery reassures her that she'll get it all back eventually.

Dr. Caleb is back with more bad news. They wake Deacon up to deliver the devastating news that he never had the surgery, because doctors found cancer in the liver donor.

Layla finds Jeff at his favorite bar. She tells him she's going on tour with Jade, but she won't turn into her. She won't throw him away like Jade did. Then she kisses him.

Will shows up on Kevin's doorstep, upset. Seeing Kevin with someone else at the gala felt wrong. He asks if they can be exclusive. Kevin is on board with that!

An earlier conversation with Rayna and Deacon changes Scarlett's mind about getting too close to Gunnar. She gets his hopes up when she calls him to say they can be a duo, and they make great music together. But after hanging up, she apologizes to Caleb for asking for special treatment, and they go home together.

As Deacon and Maddie cry and comfort each other together, Rayna is visiting the hospital chapel. She prays for strength, because Deacon and Maddie need her to be strong, and this time, Rayna needs help finding the way.

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