S3 E20 Time Changes Things

04/29/15 | TV-PG | CC

Rayna continues to worry about Deacon, and decides to fly to Natchez, Mississippi, to confront his sister Beverly, but tells Deacon she's going to New York on business. Rayna pleads with Beverly to reconsider, because she's Deacon's last chance. His tumor is growing quickly, and soon he'll be taken off the transplant list. Beverly is bitter about past drama with Deacon and Scarlett, and rebuffs Rayna.

Flashbacks show Beverly and Deacon were a musical duo on the rise, before Rayna showed up and swept Deacon off his feet and away from Beverly.

Back in Nashville, Gunnar is furious when Kiley shows up on his doorstep asking to see Micah. He tells her off, and heads to his radio interview with Scarlett to announce they are officially a duo. Kiley is waiting for him when he gets home, and she has news that sends him reeling: his brother Jason, Micah's biological father, raped her. He lets her back in, which leads to a huge fight with Scarlett.

Meanwhile, Juliette is still fighting to make her comeback. Bucky tells her she's been away so long that it will take time, but Juliette isn't interested in waiting. She decides to make a big move, and throws a surprise concert on the roof of Highway 65. Juliette Barnes is back!

Rayna is still in Natchez, not ready to give up. She follows Beverly to a show to talk to her again, and Beverly turns on her, blaming her for taking Deacon away, and driving him to alcoholism. She holds Rayna responsible for robbing her of the successful career she believes she deserves.

Teddy is preparing for the worst after receiving a call from Natasha, admitting the FBI used her to set him up. He's heading out of his office when Dash shows up, offering his old friend a possible way out.

Luke, Jeff, and Layla are all in L.A. with Jade St. John (guest star Christina Aguilera). Luke and Jade are going strong after hooking up in Nashville, and Jade seems smitten. She throws a huge party at her Malibu mansion, and Jeff and Layla bicker over her career. The all-night Hollywood party makes Luke realize Jade isn't right for him, and it also drives a wedge between Jeff and Layla.

Luke breaks the news to Jade as he packs to head home. Deacon, who's been dealing with Maddie after walking in on her and Colt hooking up, just filled Luke in. 

Rayna has one last card to play. She knocks on Beverly's door, and hands her a check for a million dollars. Rayna Jaymes does not mess around.

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