S2 E13 It's All Wrong, but It's All Right

01/29/14 | NR | CC

Jeff Fordham is positively giddy about the fact that a defeated Juliette is finally going to ask for forgiveness for a sin she didn’t commit. The plan is for her to come clean as she’s inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Avery lets her know she doesn’t have to do this, but Juliette feels she’s out of options just before she gets the highest honor of her career. A pep talk from Brad Paisley has her rethinking things.

Luke Wheeler surprises Rayna by plastering her image on a racecar that’s competing in a nationally televised event. This is just the type of exposure that will help her launch the new album/label. Record store giant Sam Boone is one of the car’s sponsors. Rayna makes a connection with him. She invites him to the Grand Ole Opry even though he’s not a big Juliette Barnes fan. Rayna wants shelf space in Boone’s stores, but is crushed to learn that a deal like that would be at least a year away.

Juliette receives her award and becomes the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. Jeff Fordham is standing backstage waiting for her to read the apology speech on the teleprompter. He’s in for a long wait. A defiant Juliette says she will not say she’s sorry for everything that she is. Instead, she dedicates her next tune to all those naysayers who are trying to drag her down. It’s a truly inspiring moment that doesn’t exactly win over the crowd. Rayna lets her know that what she did wasn’t very smart, but it sure was brave.

A furious Jeff Fordham drops Juliette from Edgehill saying she’s just plain stupid. Juliette feels that “just plain stupid” actually describes someone who lost his label’s top two grossing artists. In other news, Rayna announces that her album will drop on May 1. This has Jeff conspiring to sop up every bit of shelf space to block her. Sam Boone can help Rayna with that. He offers all the shelf space she needs once he stops carrying albums by Juliette Barnes, whose career is now in a freefall. Everything is falling apart for Juliette. Well, there’s one thing that isn’t. She finally tells Avery how she feels about him. He feels the exact same way.

Liam finishes up the remix of the tune Rayna wrote with Deacon. He agrees that this should be their lead single for the new album. He delivers the tune during a meet-and-greet with Scarlett. Their first recording session is tumultuous to say the least after Liam swipes her journal. He wants her to tell the truth in her songs. Scarlett admits that she’s been hurt in the past after Liam reads a passage she penned about her mother. The two of them end up working through the night to crank out a solid tune that has Scarlett excited again. Her work schedule also has her popping pills to keep up.

Will convinces Gunnar to work some time into his schedule to craft some songs with Layla, who has never written before. This is apparent once they get started. Layla has no tolerance for criticism, so she splits. Gunnar knows this girl is not very deep. He also knows Will isn’t attracted to her. As for Layla, she is in tears after trying to write a song solo. Will assures her that sooner or later everyone finds their way.

Deacon is told he needs to do an album of duets if he wants to become a breakout star. That means calling in a lot of favors if he wants to be famous. Avery has him wondering if that truly is what he wants though. Deacon decides he’d rather do his album live from the Bluebird. In other news, Rayna turns down Sam Boone’s offer for shelf space. She doesn’t want to do business that way.

Teddy believes Lamar may have targeted him for murder because he thinks he’s the state’s star witness. In reality, Tandy is the one in cahoots with the feds. She tucks herself away in a hotel as the trial begins. As for Teddy, he gives Megan the details on his theory. He wants justice. As short time later, Tandy tells the feds she won’t testify against her father. Her attorney reveals that the evidence she turned over was obtained illegally. It’s all inadmissible. All charges against Lamar are dropped.


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