S2 E22 Season 2 Finale: On the Other Hand

05/14/14 | TV-PG | CC

Will is upset that his album debuting the same time Rayna is launching her first project with Highway 65. His daily life being documented on reality TV only adds to his stress level. Jeff Fordham pops in while the cameras are rolling to announce that Will is headed to New York for an appearance on Good Morning America. This move bumps Rayna from her scheduled appearance on the show. This means war. Rayna fights back with a little help from Teddy by booking a concert at LP Field. A spectacular stadium show is in the works.

Jeff Fordham wants to talk to Avery about his future. In truth, it’s all part of his blackmail plan to steal Juliette away from Rayna’s label. Too bad she’s under contract. There’s no way Rayna is letting her out of it especially with the big concert coming fast. Deacon is also putting on a show for his favorite charity—Sober House. Avery performs a special song he wrote to serenade Juliette. Too bad she’s too drunk backstage to fully appreciate it. Fortunately, Deacon stops her from making a public scene.

Rayna needs to make a call to record store giant Sam Boone after learning he’s planning a big promotion for Will. This is the same guy she insulted over their differing opinions regarding Juliette. Deacon advises Rayna to do whatever it takes to kick Jeff Fordham’s butt. So, she does. Will learns his deal is off while the cameras are rolling. Earlier, Layla’s attempt to congratulate her hubby on his big TV appearance was thwarted when her phone call went to voicemail. Will was already having a chat with his hunky personal trainer, Tony.

Juliette admits to Rayna that she slept with Jeff Fordham. She throws up moments after making this declaration. She hurls again after Rayna advises her to come clean to Avery. That won’t be necessary. Gunnar already broke the news. Juliette tearfully tries to tell Avery that she loves him. Too much damage has been done though. Juliette is crushed. She receives some solace from the fact that an angry Jeff Fordham no longer has anything on her.

Rayna says a prayer of thanks for all that she has before heading out on stage. She wows the crowd doing a “Ball and Chain” duet with Luke Wheeler. These two have an undeniable heat on stage. Luke declares his love for Rayna after the song is done. Then he gets down on one knee to propose. A stunned Rayna accepts his engagement ring. The crowd goes wild. Well, most of the crowd that is. Deacon, Teddy, Maddie and Daphne aren’t quite sure what to make of what’s happening.

A devastated Will shows up at Gunnar’s new place worried that his record is going to tank. That’s only part of what has him so upset. Gunnar knows the real problem is that his pal is living a lie. Will tearfully admits to Layla that he’s gay. He has no idea that a hidden camera is secretly filming him.

Scarlett wants to go back to school in Mississippi. She stops by to see a highly-intoxicated Avery to say goodbye. Later, Avery shows up at Juliette’s place. She tries to explain why she did what she did. Juliette admits that she has a tendency to her herself before anyone else does. She asks Avery to not let her be alone.

Scarlett stops by to say goodbye to Gunnar. She assures him that she doesn’t blame him for anything that’s happened. Gunnar plays a song he wrote. It’s a sweet tune between two friends who once loved each other for a little while. When the song is over, Gunnar sincerely tells Scarlett that he doesn’t think she should go anywhere.

Deacon stops by to congratulate Rayna on her engagement. Then he admits that’s not true. He believes that her relationship with Luke is a lie. It’s always been the two of them. Deacon has changed. He knows how to love her now. He’s now the man she’s always wanted him to be. Deacon gives Rayna a passionate kiss. He doesn’t want her to give him an answer right now. He only wants her to hold on to the engagement ring he should have never taken away.

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