Episode #306 Music: Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy

By Music Lounge | Oct 30th, 2014



 Scene from Nashville featuring "Put My Heart Down" by Will Chase (Luke) and special guest star Sara Evans

Get the story behind "Put My Heart Down" in the latest Nashville: On The Record
featuring Sara Evans, Will Chase, and songwriters Nathan Chapman, Andrew Dorff and Elizabeth Huett

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Episode #306: Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy    
Original Air-Date: 10/29/14    
Song Artist Description of Use

That Whiskey Did The Steel Toe Boots Music plays in the bar as Luke and his crew wait for the CMA nominations.
Morning Light The Dirty Guv'nahs Music plays in the bar as every celebrates Luke's nominations.
Storms Comin' Terry (Mykelti Williamson) Terry sings as he cleans out Deacon's gutters.
Joy Parade Maddie & Daphne (Lennon & Maisy Stella) Teddy shows Natasha a video of the girls performing at the school auction.

Put My Heart Down
written by Elizabeth Huett, Nathan Chapman, & Andrew Dorff

Watch the latest Nashville: On The Record featuring "Put My Heart Down" - Includes interviews with Will Chase, Sara Evans, and the three songwriters! Click here to watch now!

Luke (Will Chase) & Sara Evans Sara Evans and Luke perform together during Luke's show.
All You're Waiting For Classixx feat. Nancy Whang Maddie throws a party that quickly gets out of hand.
She Can Love Beatphreak Teddy and Natasha get cozy and things heat up.
Numb David Burris feat. Evan Mellows Music plays as Maddie and Colt talk in her room during the party.
Hand Back Down The Devil Makes Three Luke's crew hangs out in a bar after the show.
Breathe In
written by Allen Salmon, Andrew Combs, and Sarah Siskind
Deacon (Charles Esten) & Pam (Brette Taylor) Deacon plays this song at the bar.