5 Things You Need to Know Before Nashville Returns!

By Rose Curiel | Jan 29th, 2015

Are y’all ready to head back to Nashville when the show returns on Feb. 4? Our favorite country singers hit some high and low notes when we last saw them, with one marriage ending before it started and another taking us by complete surprise! But how will the Music City residents fare when the show returns WEDNESDAY 10|9c? Here’s a detailed look at the winter finale's biggest moments, as well as a sneak peek at what’s coming up next: 

1. Luke's not taking the breakup wellThe winter finale wrapped with Rayna calling off her wedding to Luke. But if you think the jilted groom is going to go quietly, think again! Last time we saw Luke, he was angrily tossing chairs around his yard, and the warpath will continue. But Luke isn’t the only one upset about the breakup; Maddie and Daphne are none too pleased, either. 

Rayna Calls Off the Wedding|Watch as Rayna tells Luke she can't marry him.|On the day of their wedding, Rayna goes to Luke and tearfully tells him she can’t marry him. Is it because of Deacon? Watch as she calls off the wedding in this scene from Nashville Season 3, Episode 10: First to Have a Second Chance.

2. Juliette and Avery adjust to married life. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Juliette and Avery get married during an impromptu ceremony after he surprises her by popping the question! But don’t expect the couple’s matrimonial bliss to last forever.

Avery and Juliette Get Married!|Watch the final moments of the winter finale.|Avery and Juliette go to the courthouse and become man and wife in a private ceremony. Meanwhile, Rayna, who just called off her own wedding, drives off alone. Watch the final moments from Nashville Season 3, Episode 10: First to Have a Second Chance.

3. Gunnar fights for custody of Micah. When we last saw Gunnar, he was blindsided by the news that Micah isn’t his son but his nephew. But Gunnar’s not letting a little thing like a case of mistaken paternity prevent him from fighting for custody of his dead brother’s son. Is he fighting a lost cause?

Micah Is Not Gunnar's Son!|Gunnar turns to Scarlett after getting heartbreaking news.|In order to keep Micah's grandparents from taking him from Nashville, Gunnar does a paternity test. Unfortunately, he discovers Micah isn't his son after all. The actual father is Gunnar's brother! Watch this emotional scene from Nashville Season 3, Episode 10: First to Have a Second Chance.

4. Sadie buys a gun. When’s Sadie’s ex shows up in Nashville, he begins to harass her about his supposed claim to her song rights. When she resists him, he punches her in the face. Unwilling to become a helpless victim, Sadie tries to take control of her own problems with her ex by buying a gun.  

Sadie Gets Punched|When Sadie stands up to her ex-husband, he gives her a black eye.|Sadie's (Laura Benanti) ex-husband is in Nashville and he punches her outside her home. Meanwhile, Rayna (Connie Britton) calls off her wedding to Luke (Will Chase). From Nashville Season 3, Episode 10: First to Have a Second Chance.

5. Deacon gets dire news about his medical condition. After being rushed to the hospital, Deacon learns he might have cancer. He’ll soon learn the gravity of his situation. Is there any hope of him surviving—and perhaps rekindling his romance with Rayna? Find out when Nashville returns with all-new episodes WEDNESDAY 10|9c!

Deacon Is Sick|Scarlett and Deacon get devastating news.|After Scarlett finds Deacon passed out on the floor, she assumes he’s been drinking and rushes him to the hospital. Turns out, he wasn’t drinking at all. The doctor reveals he has a serious liver problem and is very sick. Watch this scene from Nashville Season 3, Episode 10: First to Have a Second Chance.