S2 E02 NY Med 7/3: Young Couple Sustains Injuries During a Violent Home Invasion

40:26 | 07/03/14 | NR | CC

Dr. Hugo Razo treats injuries a young couple sustained during a violent home invasion. Transplant surgeon Jonathan Chen is stunned by the grotesquely enlarged heart of a young Marine. If he can't find a solution to bring Chris Molnar back to health, this gung-ho youngster will lose more than his dream of serving in the armed forces--he'll probably lose his life. ER doctor Debbie Yi recounts the family trauma that drove her into medicine and proves that there are silver linings to every decision. Strong-willed ER nurse Marina Dedivanovic is back in the ER confronting everything from tough men afraid of needles to feisty New Yorkers. 

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