played by Olly Rix
Character Biography

DAVID is a simple shepherd whose destiny is to become the greatest king Israel has ever known. He’s brave, with the foolhardiness -- and sometimes foolishness -- of youth. He’s the youngest son of 7, and has always yearned for a bigger place in the world, beyond his small village of Bethlehem. David is handsome and charismatic, and if that doesn’t catch women’s attention, his skill at playing the harp will. David goes for what he wants -- he may be terrified at facing down a predatory lion, but he’ll take the first swing with his sling nonetheless. David’s bold actions may be seen as impulsive, but they belie a greater calculation and ambition.

CAST: King Saul | David | Samuel | Ahinoam | King Achish | Jonathan | Ishbaal | Michal | Merav | Joab

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Actor Biography

As a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Olly Rix has gone on to receive rave reviews for his role as Aumerle, opposite David Tennant, in “Richard II” and his performance as the title role in “Cardenio,” for the Royal Shakespeare Company, directed by Gregory Doran. Rix performed the role to critical acclaim, praised for his “dashing professional debut” and called “the real deal.” His most recent credit includes his role on “The Musketeers,” for the BBC.

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