played by Haaz Sleiman
Character Biography

JONATHAN is Saul and Ahinoam’s eldest son. Along with his brother Ishbaal, he acts as a strategic and military advisor to Saul. Like his brother, he’s a top warrior and adept on the battlefield. But they differ in that Jonathan displays a cool head, patience, and a keen understanding of people. He’s forgiving, and takes the time to see the different angles of a situation. Jonathan stands up for his principles, including his deep religious beliefs. He genuinely believes that the prophet speaks for God. 

CAST: King Saul | David | Samuel | Ahinoam | King Achish | Jonathan | Ishbaal | Michal | Merav | Joab

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Actor Biography

Born and raised in Lebanon, Haaz Sleiman moved to the United States when he was twenty-one years old to pursue acting. His break-out moment came when he starred as Tarek in the award-winning film “The Visitor” where Sleiman was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his performance.

Sleiman has continued pursuing his passion by appearing in films, TV series and on stage – including the BAFTA-nominated series “The Promise,” created by Peter Kominsky. Other credits include “Nurse Jackie,” “Nikita,” “24,” “Covert Affairs” and the critically acclaimed play “Food and Fadwa.”

Sleiman was most recently seen in the Emmy-nominated National Geographic miniseries “Killing Jesus” where he headlined as the title character.

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