played by Mohammad Bakri
Character Biography

SAMUEL is the Prophet of Israel. He hears the voice of God and interprets His signs, and relays it to the people. Samuel is inscrutable and enigmatic.

Inspiring to a crowd, but make no mistake, this prophet is no harmless figure in flowing robes. He executes his own brand of justice by the sword, according to God’s will. And that’s where his schism with Saul comes into focus-- Saul increasingly believes that Samuel does not speak for God, but for Samuel himself. What chaos will transpire when it becomes king versus prophet? 

CAST: King Saul | David | Samuel | Ahinoam | King Achish | Jonathan | Ishbaal | Michal | Merav | Joab

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Actor Biography

Acclaimed actor and director Mohammad Bakri is one Israel’s most well-known citizens. He has acted in  dozens  of films  made by Israeli and international directors, including “Hanna K” by Costa-Gavras and “The Lark Farm” by the Taviani Brothers. He is also well known as a stage actor and director. He made his American television  debut in a three-episode arc on FX’s acclaimed series “Tyrant” last year and will soon be seen in the HBO miniseries “Crime,” directed by  the Academy Award-winning Steven Zaillian.

Bakri was born in the village of Bi’ina in North-West Israel in 1953. He went to elementary school in his hometown and received his secondary education in the nearby city of Acre. He studied acting and Arabic literature at Tel Aviv University in 1973 and graduated three years later. Bakri began his professional acting career in plays in several theaters in Israel and the West Bank, notably the Habima Theatre in Tel Aviv, the Haifa theater, and the Al-Kasaba theater in Ramallah.

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