Lady Tremaine

Played by Gabrielle Anwar
Character Biography


Power hungry. Vicious. Cold as ice. Lady Tremaine is all the things you'd expect from a storybook villain. And she's fought hard to acquire every one of those traits, as well as her elevated status in society. It's a status she has gleefully retained in Hyperion Heights where she reigns over the have-nots in the cursed neighborhood of Seattle as real-estate mogul Victoria Belfrey. Victoria is determined to keep her stepdaughter, Jacinda, under her thumb and raise her step-granddaughter, Lucy, as she sees fit. But despite her nefarious interest in Lucy and her mistreatment of her daughter-assistant Ivy, not everything is as it seems. Because underneath her hard exterior is a fragile heart and a past that is quite surprising.

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Actor Biography

Born in Berkshire, England, the endearing and accomplished Gabrielle Anwar has over 45 film and television performances to her credit in both Europe and the States, including her breakout film Scent of a Woman, where she was whisked off her feet into an acclaimed tango with Al Pacino. 

Anwar has taken on the roles of a vast array of characters: from the blind diving horse circus performer in Disney's biopic Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken to the risqué royal in Showtime's The Tudors, to the supercilious counterpart to Noah Wyle in TNT's The Librarian II.  And from the fatal object of desire in Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead to the regal Queen Anne in The Three Musketeers. She has also shown her versatility as an expat party girl in BBC's adaptation of Mortimer's Summer's Lease and as the coquette-pursuing Dermott Mulroney and Hope Davis in the independent feature The Family Tree. Anwar most recently played gun-toting Fiona on the hit show Burn Notice.

When not working, Anwar enjoys spending time with her husband, three children, canine, feline, and equine menagerie. She also maintains an art studio, a yoga practice, a garden, a green lifestyle and has a slew of literature in the works.

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