S4 E23 Season Finale: Operation Mongoose Part 2

05/10/15 | TV-PG | CC

The mighty ogre slayer Rumplestiltskin returns home to his wife, Belle, and their new baby. Isaac is there waiting for him. He warns that his happiness is in danger thanks to a boy who is helping Regina try to stop the wedding of her true love. Isaac convinces Rumplestiltskin that he must kill her by revealing the details of his true life. Rumple’s not really a hero. Everyone will discover this if he doesn’t eliminate Regina.

Henry approaches Hook. He needs him to set sail for the Bottomless Sea to save Emma. That can’t happen. Hook is just a deckhand on Captain Blackbeard’s ship. Henry doesn’t accept that. He knocks Blackbeard unconscious so he and Hook are free to set sail on the Jolly Roger. They penetrate that impenetrable fortress where they knock out the Black Knight on duty. Henry is shocked when his mom recognizes him. Emma knew he’d come for her. She also knows that wasn’t just any Black Knight they encountered. It was her friend, Lily.

Once Lily regains consciousness, she turns into a dragon to give chase to the Jolly Roger. A canon is loaded. Lily is lured closer. BOOM! Chained cannonballs fly through the air. They hit their target. Dragon Lily is immobilized. She falls into the sea. The Jolly Roger is in the clear. On land, Queen Snow White rips out and crushes a dwarf’s heart to motivate the others into finding and killing Regina and her young companion. 

Emma takes a few moments to teach Hook how to wield a sword. Their lesson is interrupted when Snow White shows up. Emma’s attempt to convince her that’s not really an evil queen falls flat. Hook sends Emma away so she can save Henry. He’s fearful, but takes on Prince Charming  in a duel nonetheless. Thankfully, he’s a natural at swordplay. Hook gets the upper hand, but only momentarily. Emma is horrified when Charming stabs him. She and Henry are barely able to escape.

Rumplestiltskin drops a teacup. Belle believes it’ll be fine. It’s just a little chipped. They can fix it. Rumple isn’t sure fixing things will be as easy as she thinks. Elsewhere, a distraught Emma convinces Regina to go after her true love. She missed her opportunity to tell Hook that she loved him. She doesn’t want Regina to make the same mistake. The race is on to stop the wedding. Unfortunately, they have to get past Rumplestiltskin first.

As Emma and Rumple engage in a swordfight, Regina makes her way into the wedding ceremony. Zelena has already said “I do.” However, Robin takes pause when he sees Regina. Outside, Rumple has gained the upper hand on Emma. Henry steps in to take him on. He’s about to be struck down by Rumple’s sword when Regina steps in front of him. SLASH! Regina is down. She didn’t go into the church because she couldn’t let Henry die.

Bells toll. They are at the end of the book. Robin rushes over when he sees that Regina is hurt. Zelena is angry that she’s no longer the center of attention. A certain shade of green begins to appear on her skin. As for Regina, she’s dying. Robin promises that she won’t do so alone. Isaac appears to say that he can’t change a thing. He’s not the author anymore. Henry picks up his pen. He’s the next author, but can’t do anything without ink. He needs a hero’s blood. He gets it from Regina. Moments later, Henry pens a new story.

FLASH! Henry stands over an awakening Regina on the streets of Storybrooke. Everyone else is back, too. Everyone but Hook. Emma fears the worst. Then she feels the best as Hook appears. Emma rushes to him. She appears as if she’s about to tell him that she loves him, but stops just short of doing so. Elsewhere, Isaac makes a break from a dying Gold. Mary Margaret and David are there to thwart his escape. They learn that Isaac wanted to hurt them because of his experiences with heroes who pushed him around in the past. He wanted to be a hero. Instead, he became a villain.

Henry ponders using the magic quill one more time to bring back his dad. The Apprentice lets him know that because his dad died in the real world his fate cannot be undone. The best we can do for the ones we love is to tell their stories. The best thing to do is write the truth, for that can never be erased. The power to change reality is only outweighed by the cost. Henry doesn’t believe anyone should have that much power. He breaks the magic quill in half. The Apprentice believes they have finally found the right person for this job.

The last flicker of red in Gold’s heart is disappearing. All of his ability to love will soon be gone. Belle admits that she doesn’t love Will. She doesn’t want to leave Gold, but when the man is gone, only the Dark One remains. Nothing is more dangerous than that.

Everyone gathers at Granny’s to regroup after their latest adventure. Regina and Robin skip out for a walk. Lily lets Emma know that the necklace she wears bears a piece of the dragon egg she was hatched from. It’s also the only clue she has as to who her father is. She wants to stick around Storybrooke a little longer to look for him.

Belle bursts into the diner to let everyone know that Gold’s heart is almost gone. Everyone is in danger. The Apprentice hopes to pull the darkness from Rumple’s heart by using the magic hat. A magical moment takes place. Gold is barely breathing, but he’s alive. As for the darkness in the hat, it breaks free to overcome the Apprentice. Emma uses magic to help save him. The darkness escapes into Storybrooke. The only one who can destroy it is the Sorcerer. They need to find him. His name is Merlin. 

The darkness surrounds everyone in the street. It is attempting to attach itself to Regina. Emma can’t let that happen. She knows the Darkness has to be tethered to a person to be contained. She tells the others they need to be heroes to figure out a way to take to save her again. She tells Hook she loves him. Emma raises dagger in the air. Darkness overcomes her. She’s whisked off into the sky in a swirling cloud of blackness. The dagger falls to the ground. We can now see the new name it bears on its blade. It reads: Emma Swan.



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