S4 E13 Darkness on the Edge of Town

03/01/15 | TV-PG | CC

Many years ago in the Forbidden Fortress of Fairy Tale Land, Ursula and Cruella De Vil meet up with Maleficent in her home. They have been gathered there by Rumplestiltskin. He has a plan for villains like them to finally get their happy ending.

Rumple wants them to work together in retrieving a dark curse from a place called Bald Mountain where their various talents help break through the safeguards that have been put in place. It’s all part of a double cross. Rumple gets what he needs for the curse. Then he leaves the Queens of Darkness behind to be devoured by an evil beast known as the Chernobog.

All is calm and peaceful in Storybrooke. Henry is back at school. Regina is back in the mayor’s office. Emma resumes her sheriff’s post. Hook is desperately trying to figure out a way to release the fairies from the magic hat. Belle, who is still kicking herself for not seeing Rumple for who he truly is, finds an incantation that will help. Regina puts it to use. She frees the blue fairies. But something else is also released. Something dark.

In present day New York, Mr. Gold spends his days eating reheated noodles in Ursula’s tiny apartment. The two of them head to Long Island where Cruella is living the good life. Or at least she was before all of her assets were seized. She still has her devilishly cool car. Mr. Gold convinces her to give him and Ursula a lift to a quaint little town called Storybrooke. They are off to find the author of the book that tells their stories, and they need to get to him before the heroes do.

As they near the Storybrooke town line, Cruella and Ursula demand to know the truth of why they are there. Mr. Gold assures them that the townspeople will eventually invite to come in. Inside Storybrooke, Mother Superior lets Regina, Emma and Henry know that the author they are seeking is not the same person as the sorcerer. There are hidden clues in some of his books. This conversation is interrupted by a booming sound. Everyone steps into the street to see the massive Chernobog staring down at them.

In the past, the Queens of Darkness work together to escape the wrath of the Chernobog. In present day Storybrooke, Emma and Regina join forces to battle the Chernobog. They stun it enough to send it away for the time being. Elsewhere, Ursula calls Regina. She asks her to let her and Cruella inside Storybrooke. In return, they’ll tell her how to defeat the Chernobog.

After hearing how to stop the beast, Emma doesn’t believe Regina needs to sacrifice herself as she was led to believe. She has a plan to lead the Chernobog out of Storybrooke. A wild chase takes place. Emma speeds along in her car. Regina flies out to stand by the town line. The Chernobog races toward her. THWACK! It crashes past the protection field at the town line to disappear.

Mary Margaret and David are relieved that their daughter is safe. They can see Cruella and Ursula on the other side of the town line. Mary Margaret and David aren’t sure these two evil ladies are truly seeking redemption. Regina and Emma believe everyone deserves a second chance. They welcome them to Storybrooke.

A short time later, Cruella and Ursula return to the town line to bring the Dark One back into Storybrooke. Mr. Gold reveals that he’s the one who sent Belle the incantation to release the Blue Fairies, not to mention the Chernobog. He’s the one who has been putting things into motion. Mr. Gold lets them know that their team is one member short. They need Maleficent.

The Chernobog is a beast that goes after the one with the greatest potential for the darkest heart. Cruella and Ursula mistakenly assumed it was after Regina. Mr. Gold assures them that the former Evil Queen is not the one they have to worry about. The person the Chernobog was truly after was Emma.

Mary Margaret and David meet with Cruella and Ursula on a dark and rainy night. They all have a past together. Mary Margaret warns that if either of these two Queens of Darkness ever reveals what happened between them in the Enchanted Forest, she’ll rip out their hearts.

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