S4 E14 Unforgiven

03/08/15 | TV-PG | CC

Mary Margaret has a nightmare in which Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent threaten her family. David hasn’t been sleeping much either. They are both a little on edge with two of the three Queens of Darkness living right down the road. They need to get them out of Storybrooke before anyone learns what they did.

Regina doesn’t believe that Cruella and Ursula are much of a threat. David disagrees. He enlists help from Emma to find out their plans. They have no idea they involve swiping a wooden box from under Belle’s nose. Underneath Storybrooke in his hideout, Mr. Gold plots to bring Maleficent back amongst the living.

David searches Cruella’s car to find the stolen box. He keeps this a secret from Emma once he sees what’s inside. David swipes the item. It belonged to Maleficent. A plan to resurrect her may be in the works. David and Mary Margaret can put a stop to this by confiscating Maleficent’s remains. 

Emma gets the sense that her parents are hiding something. She also has a feeling that Hook is being less than truthful regarding his past with Ursula. As for her parents, David and Mary Margaret find Maleficent’s ashes where Mr. Gold had placed them in a pile. However, Ursula and Cruella arrive to immobilize them before they can take any action.

Regina and Henry continue their search for the Author by turning to Pinocchio and Marco in the hope Pinocchio might remember a clue that will help them. That’s not happening. Regina loses her patience. Marco warns her to stay away from his boy. Regina later apologizes for how she acted. She was out of line. Marco provides her with a bag that may help her find what she’s looking for.

In Fairy Tale Land past, Snow White and Prince Charming cross paths with the Queens of Darkness as the threat of the Evil Queen’s Dark Curse hangs over all of them. They make plans to find the Tree of Wisdom to learn how to save the kingdom. Maleficent turns into a dragon to take down the guards blocking their way. Snow and Charming are horrified, but the press on with the queens nonetheless.

Snow and Charming sneak away to approach the Tree of Wisdom. They ask how to stop the Evil Queen’s curse. They are thrust away without getting an answer. Maleficent realizes this occurred because Snow White is carrying a child. This unborn baby may be a great hero or a powerful villain. That’s why the tree rejected them.

In present day Storybrooke, Cruella cuts the hand of both David and Mary Margaret. Everything she and Ursula had done was a ruse to get them both to this spot. They need their blood to resurrect Maleficent. Ashes swirl. They morph into a dragon which eventually becomes Maleficent, who wants Mary Margaret and David to suffer a lengthy pain as their world crumbles. Mr. Gold feels like his world is crumbling when he catches sight of Belle getting chummy with Will Scarlet.

David and Mary Margaret realize they have to tell Emma the truth. Hook tries to come clean first. Emma lets him know that she thought her parents were lying earlier. Then she realized that was unwarranted. Whenever Hook decides to reveal his secret, she’ll choose to see the best in him. That’s what her parents would do.

Speaking of Mary Margaret and David, they were eavesdropping on their daughter’s conversation. They reveal that Maleficent is back, but claim that the reason the queens are waging war against them is simply because they are villains. In Fairy Tale Land past, Maleficent reveals that she is about to become a mother. Snow White still won’t join forces with her. She won’t become like her.

In the present, Mary Margaret wants Regina to go undercover with the Queens of Darkness to find out their plans. She’s sure they are there to destroy them because of what she and David did a long time ago. They went to extraordinary lengths to make sure Emma wouldn’t become a villain. Mary Margaret finally admits that she and David are the reason Maleficent lost her child.


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