S5 E14 Devil's Due

03/20/16 | TV-PG | CC

After Hook refuses to pick any of his friends to stay trapped in the Underworld, Hades threatens to banish him to the River of Lost Souls. His friends are also in danger of being hurt.

Gold offers to help Emma get to Hook so that he can get back home. They’ll need help from his ex-wife, Milah, who once loved a man named Killian Jones. She’s also Neal’s mom. That means Emma has been with both her former lover and her son. Awkward. The three of them head into the Underworld. Once there, Emma lets Milah know that her son has moved on. He’s happy now. This makes Milah quite happy as well. She accompanies them down the River of Lost Souls.

In Fairytale Land past, Baelfire is bitten by a snake. Rumple and Milah seek help from Fendrake the Healer. Their only hope is to use magic. The price of the potion is too steep, so Milah wants Rumple to kill Fendrake to get it. As Baelfire’s time gets close to running out, Milah meets a pirate named Killian Jones. She’s instantly drawn to him, but reveals that she has an ailing child and a husband.

Rumple can’t bring himself to kill Fendrake, who offers to make a deal. The price to save Baelfire’s life will be steep. Rumple returns home with the potion. Baelfire is saved. Milah is relieved. Then she’s devastated that her husband’s deal involved selling their next born child. In present day Underworld Storybrooke, Emma heads off to find Hook while Gold/Rumple and Milah wait in the boat. Danger awaits her. She races to get to Hook before he’s lowered into the river. She saves him just in the nick of time. They are reunited at last.

Milah reveals that her unfinished business was Baelfire. She should have been there for him. She wants to move on so that she can apologize to her son. Rumple says that she’ll be forgiven. He also asks Milah to say hello from his papa when she does finally meet up with him.

Hades appears before Gold and Milah. He wants to make a deal. He wants Gold to destroy the boat so that the heroes will remain in the Underworld. If he does that, Hades will help him get back home. Gold returns to the site of the boat. He causes it to implode. He then launches Milah into the River of Lost Souls. He claims that Hades was behind all that’s happened when Emma and Hook arrive.

Regina is on the hunt for someone’s headstone. Cruella provides her with a map. Snow White accompanies Regina to Daniel Colter’s grave. The headstone reveals that he’s not in the Underworld. He’s moved on. He’s happy. Regina speaks a few words to her first love. He will always be in her heart. She just needed to know that he was okay.

Regina uses magic to heal an ailing horse on the streets of Underworld Storybrooke. She’s back! Speaking of being back, the heroes are happy to see Emma and Hook have returned. That’s the good news. They break the bad news about the loss of the boat and of Milah’s demise. Regina tries to do a heart-split with Emma, but it doesn’t work. That’s because Hades has decided that Emma, Regina and Snow White will be the ones who remain in the Underworld. They are stuck there, and they can’t use Emma’s heart to save Hook.

In Fairytale Land past, Rumple returns to see Fendrake as the Dark One. He can’t owe a debt to a dead man. So he crushes the man’s heart. In present day Underworld, Rumple asks Hades to send him home. That’s not going to happen right away. Hades knows that Rumple was trying to use his crystal ball to see an image of his child. It showed Belle. The reason: she’s pregnant. Fendrake signed over the contract he had with Rumple over to Hades, who now holds it over the Dark One’s head. He needs him to do something that only he can do. Just what that may be remains to be seen.

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