S5 E19 Sisters

04/24/16 | TV-PG | CC

Hades lets Zelena know that he wants to give her the real Storybrooke. He wants a future with her where they might want to be a family. In order to make that happen, the plan is to keep all the heroes in the Underworld for eternity. Hades gets down on one knee. He has a proposal for Zelena. Hades asks, “Will you make chaos with me?”

After Zelena makes it clear that she doesn’t believe her sister cares about her, we jump back to a time when Regina tried to use her mother’s wand to turn her doll into a sister. It doesn’t work. Regina is badly injured. There’s only one thing that can save her. Cora travels to Oz to stop a young Zelena from receiving a beating from her father, who believes the child’s magic is wicked. Cora brings her back to save Regina. This is the first time the two sisters ever met. They become fast friends and eventually figure out they are related.

Cora admits to her daughters that they are sisters. Unfortunately, no one can ever know. It would ruin all the plans she has for Regina. Zelena is forcefully taken away. Regina promises that she’ll find her. That’s not going to happen thanks to a forgetting potion.

Regina realizes that only her mother can stop the blossoming love between Zelena and Hades. Hook rescues Cora from her slave-like existence. Regina lets her know that they are trapped there. She also clues her in that Zelena has the power to jumpstart Hades’ heart with true love’s kiss. Cora believes there’s only one way to fix this mess. They need to make Zelena forget Hades ever existed.

The plan is to get Zelena to drink a forgetting potion. There’s only one way to get close to her. She’s going to finally meet up with her mother. Cora knows she left a deep wound with Zelena. She admits that she’s sorry that she gave her away all those years ago. She thought it was for the best. She was wrong. Cora knows that her two daughters are her unfinished business. She hugs Zelena as Regina sneaks in with the forgetting potion. Too bad Zelena is hip to their plan. She furiously screams that neither one of them ever cared for her.

Cora gives both Regina and Zelena their memories back. They can see that they both truly cared for each other in the past. Cora lets Regina know that she got her strength from the people she loves. She tells Zelena that she meant what she said about being sorry before. She hopes she won’t make the same mistakes she did. Cora takes a hand from each daughter. She knows that it’s never too late for families, as you never stop being connected.

Cora is now ready to cross the bridge. She’s not afraid of what will happen. Knowing that she brought her two daughters together is all the peace she needs. Cora says a heartbreaking goodbye to Regina and Zelena. She crosses the bridge, but a firestorm nearly engulfs her before reaching the other side. When it subsides, Cora crosses over. Once she’s gone, Regina lets Zelena know that she should go to Hades. Maybe she can change him, too.

David is confronted by James, who believes his brother got everything that was supposed to be his. ZAP! James knocks David unconscious. He fools Emma into believing he’s her father. James pulls a gun on her and Robin in the woods. Cruella arrives. She and James have a little thing going on. They want Robin’s baby in order to receive some help from Hades.

David and Hook thwart an attempt push Emma and Robin into the River of Lost Souls. A showdown ensues. David and James get into a brutal fight. James pulls a knife. David has no choice but to throw him into the river. It’s a heartbreaking moment. Despite everything, James was his brother.

Rumple tells a sleeping Belle that he needs to do things his way to save their child. He approaches Zelena as she’s about to meet up with Hades. He mentions the sleeping curse that has a hold on Belle. Then he introduces her to his father, his loophole: Peter Pan.

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