S5 E02 The Price

10/04/15 | TV-PG | CC

Thanks to a few unfortunate steps by reluctant volunteer Dopey, the residents of Storybrooke learn that anyone who crosses the line to the outside world promptly turns into a tree. “That’s new,” declares Regina.

Six weeks ago in Camelot, King Arthur introduces Queen Guinevere to the heroes along with the announcement that there will be a Royal Ball to celebrate their arrival. First things first though. The heroes need to find Merlin. Arthur knows exactly where he’s at. The legendary sorcerer is stuck inside a big tree. Only the savior can free him. For the purposes of this mission, Regina assumes that role.

Regina claims to be strong enough to be the savior in present-day Storybrooke as well. King Arthur and his men arrive in town with their memories having been erased by Emma’s curse. Regina knows that something else is on the way to Storybrooke. She’s right. A hideous flying beast, a Fury, descends from the sky. It grabs hold of Robin Hood and carries him away. Regina is no match for this beast. It has come to drag a life to the underworld. The only way to save Robin is if someone gives their life up in his place.

In Camelot, Regina is given a beautiful necklace by Percival, who wants a dance at the ball. That may not happen. Regina doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t know how to dance. David offers to help. A few dance lessons are employed. What neither of them knows is the necklace Regina wears is a way for Percival to spy on her and discover that she is not truly the Savior.

Henry has his eye on a young lady, Violet, at the ball. He impresses her with some music from his world. Regina catches sight of her son with this girl, but her curiosity is put on hold as Percival dances with her. He knows her secret. He knows she was the Evil Queen. Percival tries to kill her. Robin Hood steps in, but is wounded before David can slay the attacker.

The sword Percival used was enchanted to kill Regina. Her magic can’t save Robin. Emma offers to help. That means using her magic—dark magic. Rumplestiltskin informs her that a price must be paid, and it must be paid by Regina. Emma turns her attention back to Robin. She uses her magic to save him. Afterwards, Rumple taunts Emma again declaring that she now has a taste for the darkness.

In Storybrooke, The Fury takes Robin to an open field as his friends race to save him. Regina screams that if the beast needs to take a life, it can take hers. The Fury unleashes its attack. Once again, Regina is no match for the creature. Mary Margaret won’t let her go through this battle alone. Neither will David. Leroy and Hook also join in the fight. Suddenly, the Fury is no match for these heroes. In a flash, it’s gone. Robin Hood will be okay and Regina realizes she truly does have others who believe in her.

Emma brings Hook to a quaint home she claims to be her place. The two of them share a passionate kiss. Hook is angered when he sees that true love’s kiss didn’t work. Emma is still the Dark One. Belle comforts Hook, who assures her that he’s not about to give up. In other news, Henry plays the song he introduced Violet to in Camelot. It sounds vaguely familiar to her.

In Camelot, Guinevere lets Arthur know that the strangers who have come to their land frighten her. Nevertheless, they are their best chance at making Excalibur whole again. In Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin lets Emma know that the pull of family has always held the Dark Ones back. He wants Emma to snuff out that light forever. If she wants to pull Excalibur from its stone, she’s going to have to pay the price.

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