S5 E03 Siege Perilous

10/11/15 | TV-PG | CC

In Storybrooke, Emma swipes Happy’s ax. The vision of Rumplestiltskin assures her that the tool won’t cut through the magic that keeps Excalibur inside the stone. Only a hero can do so. The dwarfs complain about the stolen ax. This only amplifies David’s frustration over his inability to help his daughter. A short time later, King Arthur reveals that some relics have also been stolen including a magic bean that can take his people back to Camelot in an instant.

David tells the people of Camelot that the Chalice of Vengeance will tell him who the thief is. It’s actually just a cup from Doc’s birthday party, but the worried masses don’t know that. The bluff sends King Arthur’s squire on the run. A great horse/car chase takes place. Once the squire is caught, he reveals that his intent was to hurt the king because of the way he has been treated. He also says he never saw a magic bean.

In Camelot, the heroes realize that Merlin may know how to get himself out of that tree. To communicate with him, they need to find a toadstool called the Crimson Crown. It’s located in the Forest of Eternal Night. David is off to find it. King Arthur joins him. But first, he shows David the “Siege Perilous” seat at the Round Table. It’s reserved for the knight with the purest heart. It’s been vacant ever since Lancelot betrayed King Arthur, who is surprised to hear that his old friend died.

The unquenchable flame, said to be part of the burning bush, is just one of the items in a collection of all the sacred and magical items the knights have recovered. David and Arthur use it as they travel through the Forest of Eternal Night. They bond over their humble beginnings and the fine qualities of the women they love.

Upon spotting the Crimson Crown, David struggles to cross a water-bound bridge. He’s attacked by mysterious phantom knights on his way back. One of the metal-clad figures pulls him underwater. David is in great peril until a hand reaches down. Arthur is able to pull him up to safety. Unfortunately, the Crimson Crown is gone. This is a loss for sure. Nevertheless, David and Arthur know that true heroes never give up.

In Storybrooke, David finds the Crimson Crown. It must have fallen from the squire’s bag when he was captured. Regina realizes they were using it to communicate with Merlin. Perhaps they can do so now to save Emma. Mary Margaret looks upon her husband with pride. He’s truly the hero she always knew him to be.

Emma sends Hook a message. They meet on his ship. Hook wants to know what’s behind the locked door in her house. Emma isn’t saying. She does reveal that she wants them to move forward in a real relationship. Hook isn’t buying it. He knows she needs something. Moments later, Emma disappears in a wisp of blackness.

In Camelot, King Arthur makes David a Knight of the Round Table. He’s told to take his place at the Siege Perilous seat. Applause fills the room. The noise disturbs the baby, so Mary Margaret steps outside. She’s not alone. An old friend steps out of the shadows. It’s Lancelot. He’s alive!

Lancelot warns there’s a dangerous villain in Camelot. It’s not Emma. It’s Arthur. Camelot is not what it seems. Later, Arthur reveals to Guinevere that he has the Crimson Crown. Back in Storybrooke, Arthur’s jailed squire tells his king that he did everything that was asked of him. Motives are finally revealed.

Arthur seeks to protect his kingdom from the Dark One, who happens to be David’s daughter. His plan is to build a new Camelot in Storybrooke. Arthur asks his squire to drink poison so others can’t use magic to make him talk. His loyal subject does as he is asked. For Camelot. Moments later, the squire is gone.

Belle works on assembling items for a healing spell to use on Mr. Gold. The last thing she needs is something that touched him before he became the Dark One. Later, Belle notices that rose is coming back to life. Gold is waking up. However, his body is gone. He’s now with Emma, who found an item that touched him while he was still a man—Hook’s sword. Gold is shocked to hear the plan for him. Emma intends to make him into a hero.

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