Prince Phillip

By Steve Dove | Oct 8th, 2012
Prince Phillip
A dashing and caring hero, Prince Phillip never stopped questing after his beloved Princess Aurora (aka "Sleeping Beauty). But when The Dark Curse was cast, his quest to rescue her from Maleficent's sleep spell was halted for 28 years. When Emma broke The Curse, he—and his traveling companion, Mulan—were finally able to reach Aurora. He awakened her with True Love's Kiss and the young lovers were reunited once more. But the reunion was short-lived as they were attacked by the Wraith and Phillip was marked by the soul-devouring creature. He kept the mark hidden from both Aurora and Mulan for as long as he could, but he ultimately decided the only way to keep them safe was for him to sneak away and let the Wraith claim him. But Mulan and Aurora tracked him down, with Mulan even offerring to take his place as the Wraith's mark, but Phillip wouldn't hear of it. Right before he allowed the creature to steal his soul, he turned and said "I love you," though it was unclear if he was speaking to Mulan, Aurora or both women.

First Appearance -  Season 2, Episode 1: Broken

Julian Morris
An accomplished actor, many fans will remember Julian from recurring roles on series such as ER, 24 and Pretty Little Liars.