See a Promo for Sunday's All-New Episode "Bleeding Through"

By Micheline Goldstein | Apr 15th, 2014

Big things are happening Sunday, April 20 in Episode 318 "Bleeding Through." Zelena finally gets her hands on Regina's heart, which forces Regina to reach out to someone unexpected, in a most unusual way. How will this epic sibling rivalry shake out, Once fans? Watch the promo for an idea of just how crazy things are going to get!


Check out some of Zelena's past antics while you wait for Sunday's episode to magically appear on your TV screens:

Zelena's Wicked Plan: Zelena begins to formulate her wicked plan to change the past so she can take everything away from her nemesis, Regina.


Regina vs. Zelena: Regina and Zelena battle it out in the middle of Storybrooke as the town residents look on. Ultimately, Zelena doesn't get what she wants from her little sister...this time.