The Stakes Are Raised in Sunday's All-New Episode "A Curious Thing"

By Micheline Goldstein | Apr 21st, 2014

Events in Storybrooke are ramping up as Once Upon a Time approaches the end of its action-packed third seaon. While this clip features just a few of the shocking moments from Sunday's episode, "A Curious Thing," it's clear that Zelena is really going to live up to her "Wicked" name! But, while so far she's been successful at acquiring the ingredients she needs (Charming's sword, Regina's heart, Rumple's brain), is she going to go too far this time? We know from past experience that Emma and Regina will stop at nothing to protect Henry and the ones they love... 


Although they've known for some time that Zelena wanted their baby, Charming and Snow didn't figure out until last week's episode "Bleeding Through" that their baby is the key to Zelena's plan... which, Belle discovered, is to go back in time and change the past. If Zelena succeeds, she could erase Snow White, Emma, Henry, and even The Evil Queen from existence!


Make sure to tune in SUNDAY APRIL 27 8|7c to find out just how crazy this situation gets. And you can look forward to an appearance by Glinda, the Good Witch!